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Latinx-Owned Clean Beauty Brands to Shop

8 Latinx-Owned Clean Beauty Brands to Switch to ASAP

Latinx-Owned Clean Beauty Brands to Shop

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Despite women of color being both major consumers of and the original creators behind many of the beauty trends that define our day-to-day, the industry — behind the scenes and at makeup counters across the country — continues in failing to adequately serve this community. Whether it be by appropriating cultural hairstyles, underrepresenting women of color in campaigns, or failing to provide the diversity of products and services needed to care for darker skin tones, the industry, time and time again, remains in need of a serious wake-up call. This is the case even when it comes to reexamining what chemical compounds and other additives go into the existing products marketed toward women of color.

As the clean beauty movement first emerged to evolve the mainstream to reevaluate the ingredients in skin-care and makeup products, many of the items targeting Black and Latinx women alike were found to contain harmful or toxic ingredients. Studies supported this idea, finding that women of color were likelier to have harmful compounds in their bodies, potentially due to the products they're using, which have been found to contain phthalates and heavy metals.

This, in turn, inspired many pioneering women to develop their own clean beauty brands as a means to meet their unique beauty needs. Seeing a disconnect both in their personal care routines and in the industry's disservice in bettering them, these founders focused on creating intentional products that relied on natural ingredients. From using rose hip oil as a healing serum to jojoba oil as a multifunctional skin moisturizer, these products are as healthy as they are healing. Whether you're looking for something to revitalize your curls or you're looking for a non-toxic laden product to soothe your irritated skin, the following list of Latinx, women-owned brands are our top recommendations for all your beauty needs.

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