The Glisten on Lizzo's Pink Marble Manicure Would Make Even the Glossiest Nail Polish Tremble

When twilight casts a pink glow over the horizon, you could snap a picture with your phone, or if you're Lizzo, you could capture all the ethereal colors of sunset in one sleek manicure. On Sept. 1, celebrity nail artist Eri Ishizu gave the "Rumors" singer's nails a "rose quartz" makeover that resembles liquid marble mixed with pink clouds. Needless to say, we need her number ASAP. Like glossy pink daggers, Lizzo's nail art glistened as she cradled an actual rose-quartz stone on Instagram, making us wish for our own gemstone-themed manicures.

As far as nail inspiration for summer goes, Lizzo has been delivering. So please excuse us while we try to re-create the manicure for ourselves at home, and take a closer look at her nails ahead.

Instagram | erierinailz