If I Could Wash Away the Last Few Months, It'd Be With These Lord Jones CBD Bath Salts

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The last few months have been a year, am I right? Even though I've tried to remain in good spirits, I found I've needed a little more self-care — and actual good spirits — than normal. (You're welcome, local wine shop.)

But, in addition to a love of champagne pre-pandemic, I also had what I'd consider a higher-than-normal affection for a good bath. I'd pick hotel rooms — remember hotel rooms?!for their bathtubs. I could count on one hand the number of times I'd showered in my apartment since a bath was my preferred way to get clean. And, because bathing didn't leave me with empty calories and an aching head the next day, I decided to lean in to this self-care ritual and up my tub game while staying home.

Since the pandemic hit, I've tried a range of soaks, bombs, bubbles, and powders, but I've just recently found something that has taken my nightly dip to the next level. Ahead, see why these Lord Jones CBD bath salts are the one, and possibly only, thing I'm not ready to leave in 2020.

POPSUGAR Photography | Morgan Ashley Parker

Since I had been happily working from home well before stay-at-home orders hit my city, I had already moved my old, pre-office routine of an evening bath (because I love sleep) to a morning bath (because no commute). But, soon after the shutdown started, I brought a nighttime self-care ritual back as a mental wind down before bed. In the morning, I'd still take a quick bath to start the day fresh, but in the evening, I'd opt for a more luxurious soak. (Fine, I may have sometimes added the wine in there again.)

The nice thing about these Lord Jones bath salts is that they're very large granules, which makes me feel like I'm getting more from a smaller amount vs. a smaller salt size. The brand's blend of epsom and Himalayan pink salts serve as a detox for the skin, and, since I definitely want to get the maximum effect of detoxifying, I actually get in the tub with the running water and the salts (instead of adding salts and waiting for the tub to fill before sinking in).

My one hesitation before trying these was that there'd be a medicinal smell. As it turns out, the salts actually have more of a fresh, spa-like scent that's neither overly herbal or strong — think eucalyptus, citrus oils, and calendula and arnica flowers.



Of course, I'd be remiss to not address the number one thing that sets these Lord Jones High CBD Formula Bath Salts ($65) apart — the CBD. I was already a fan of this soothing ingredient in other beauty products (like lip glosses and foot oils), and I'd say a bath with these salts left me even calmer than a regular one.

Even though outdoor temperatures currently hover between "hell" and "hell with a fan," I'm still taking hot baths like it's early spring. When I'm ready to head to bed these days, I crank up my air conditioner, grab a big scoop of these salts, and — as I described to a friend I convinced to buy these salts earlier this week — float away on a cloud.

TTYL From the Tub
POPSUGAR Photography | Morgan Ashley Parker

TTYL From the Tub

If I could find a tub big enough, I'd use these salts to wash away all the worry, tragedy, and regret that has been this year so far. As hard as it may be for me to believe right now, 2020 will eventually end. My new self-care ritual most definitely will not. (But, if I wasn't concerned about my laptop, I'd be typing this very story straight from the bath, too.)

In the meantime, I'm going to stop what I'm writing, light some candles, and get out my CBD bath salts. After all, once I'm in the tub and I close my eyes, I can almost pretend it's still last December.

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