Maddie Ziegler's Bleached Brows Change Her Entire Look

Maddie Ziegler must be magical, because she just made her eyebrows disappear. In a recent Instagram gallery, the dancer and actor debuted completely bleached brows for Paris Fashion Week. Ziegler attended the Acne Studios fall show on March 1 looking nearly unrecognizable, her platinum eyebrows blending in against the rest of her face. For a striking juxtaposition, she kept the rest of hair a dark chocolate brown, wearing it in loose waves that reached all the way down her chest.

Bleached eyebrows have been a polarizing but increasingly more popular trend among celebrities, providing an edgier look typically seen on runways. Stars to previously try the trend include Kylie Jenner, who paired a vampy gown with platinum-blond brows at the start of 2023, and Vanessa Hudgens, whose brow transformation included a matching blond wig. This trend is unique in its ability to radically alter a person's appearance, elevate an outfit, or help them appear more high-fashion.

In Ziegler's case, bleached brows definitely provide an edgier energy. This is especially true since she's had a more natural, fresh-faced approach to beauty since leaving behind "Dance Moms" and filming her first music video with Sia. "I started wearing full red lips and lashes when I was six. When you're young you think, Oh, that's what I do to look beautiful," Ziegler previously told POPSUGAR.

"Then, when I started dancing and the choreographer Ryan Heffington was like, 'No, you don't have to point your feet. You can be weird, you can express the way you're feeling,'" she added. "I feel like from that moment on, I really changed the way I looked at beauty and now, I think more than ever, I feel almost comfortable in my skin without makeup on."

At first glance, bleached eyebrows might not seem like a part of her usual aesthetic. In reality, however, they could not be more consistent with Ziegler's perspective on beauty: for her, it's not about adhering to strict standards or conventional measures of attractiveness — it's about being comfortable with who you are, and feeling free to express yourself. Read on to get a closer look at how Ziegler rocked her bleached brows in Paris.