This TikTok Mascara Hack Gave Me Fuller Lashes Without Any Eyeliner

POPSUGAR Photography | Jessica Harrington
POPSUGAR Photography | Jessica Harrington
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  • There's a makeup trick on TikTok to define your upper lash line without eyeliner.
  • The hack uses mascara and an angled liner brush to make your eyelashes look thicker.
  • Our beauty editor tested the hack to see if it would work on her lashes.

My eyes are my favorite feature, so I'm always looking for ways to enhance them. I love wearing fake lashes for special occasions and getting a lash lift or extensions once or twice a year, but that's too much for me to do on a regular basis, so that leaves me with makeup as my only method for giving my eyes a boost.

My everyday makeup routine involves curling my eyelashes and applying a few coats of my favorite mascara, but I stumbled upon a makeup hack on TikTok for making your lashes look fuller with just a tube of mascara and a small brush. In the makeup tutorial by makeup artist Megan Lavallie, she explains that instead of tight-lining her waterline or applying liner to her upper lash line, she likes to use mascara to thicken her upper lashes. She does this by dipping a tiny pointed brush into her mascara and wiggling it in between each individual lash. She then applies her mascara as she normally would. The end result is a super-defined lash line, sans any eyeliner.

As someone who doesn't like wearing too much liner — save for a teeny-tiny baby wing on the outer corners of my eye — I loved the idea of making my lashes pop without meticulously tight-lining my top lashes (which is difficult and closes off my eye, as she mentions in the video). With my Essence Makeup Double Trouble Mascara ($6) and an angled liner brush, like the Sephora PRO Eye Liner Brush #22 ($16), I dabbed my brush into the mascara wand and then, following instructions, tried to get the product in between my lashes.

I wasn't expecting the process to be tricky, so I was surprised when it didn't go very smoothly. I'm not sure if it's because I have a lot of eyelashes, but I found it a little difficult to get the brush into my lash line without getting it all over my eyelid. To make it a little easier, I turned the brush horizontal instead of holding it vertically and used the same technique to smudge the mascara pigment underneath my lash line.

POPSUGAR Photography | Jessica Harrington

As soon as I did this, I started to see a difference in my lashes. The side using the mascara hack already looked fuller, even without mascara on my actual eyelashes (see the picture above). After finishing one eye, I applied two coats of mascara before repeating on the other side.

Despite having to modify the hack slightly, I'm impressed with how much of a difference this trick made in my makeup. Even with mascara, my lash line tends to look a little faint, but this helped me really define it in a natural-looking way. I'll definitely be using this trick in my everyday makeup routine in the future.