Medium-Length Haircuts That'll Never Go Out of Style

You hear a lot about short hairstyles, and you definitely hear a lot about what you can do with long hair, but for those who are looking for something that falls in the sweet spot between the two, medium-length haircuts are a good go-to. This length has gained popularity over the years in many different forms — from the trendy shag (one of our favorite medium-length haircuts with layers) to the "clavicut" (one of the best medium-length haircuts for thin hair) — it's versatile and also suits all face shapes and hair types. Whether you've been searching for medium-length haircuts with bangs or you're looking for something that suits curly hair, there are plenty of options out there.

"The medium-length haircut starts just above the shoulders and can reach to middle of your chest," celebrity hairstylist and Matrix brand ambassador Castillo Bataille tells POPSUGAR. "This haircut is a client favorite, including a favorite of my own." The likely reason? Beyond its length, there are very few other rules. This cut can work with thick hair, thin hair, bangs, layers — you name it.

Here, we're breaking down everything you need to know about the medium-length haircut, as well as some of our favorite takes on the look.

Why a Medium-Length Haircut?

The style options to choose from within the medium-length haircut realm are endless. "It can be cut with a blunt line, V-shaped line, or a soft one-length cut," Bataille says. "We've transformed medium-length haircuts into so many fun and trendy styles, including the shag, the wolf cut, the cub cut, and the mullet. The medium haircut is also a great length for extensions. [It] adds volume around the jaw and cheekbones, works amazing with layers, and all types of bang styles."

Whether you opt for a super-sleek and straight look, bouncy beach waves, or a chic updo, you can't go wrong. Medium-length haircuts are also so practical and manageable, no matter your lifestyle. There's ample room for creativity, allowing you to experiment with different styles and textures. From layered cuts to shoulder-length lobs, there are so many options to not only suit your personal preference but also stay current and trendy.

Low-Maintenance Medium-Length Haircut Ideas

One reason many people choose a medium-length cut is because it's easier to maintain than long hairstyles, requiring less time and effort for styling and grooming. It really doesn't get more low-maintenance. Tie your hair up for a sleek updo, or leave it down for a casual, effortless look.

With this cut, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a versatile length that falls between short and long while still requiring minimal upkeep. From lived-in waves to simple, straight styles, low-maintenance, medium-length haircuts offer flexibility and ease. They can be quickly managed on a daily basis, allowing you to save time while still looking chic.

Medium-Length Haircut For Thick Hair

Medium-length haircuts for thick hair often feature layers because they are a perfect way to add texture without looking bulky. Longer layers help break up the thickness with a lightweight, airy vibe.

Medium-Length Haircut For Thin Hair

Medium-length haircuts for thin hair often feature blunt edges. This example features a middle-part blunt cut, which makes the style bold while keeping it perfect for a relaxed everyday look but easily elevated.

Medium-Length Haircut For Curls

The versatility of shoulder-length curls is unmatched. This is one of the most stunning medium-length haircuts for curly hair because the length paired with big, wispy curls looks soft and glamorous.

Medium-Length Haircut For Tight Coils

If you've been on the hunt for medium-length haircuts for thick hair, we love Megan Thee Stallion's tight-coil, medium-length face-framing cut with bangs. It gives natural volume and movement without weighing the hair down.

Medium-Length Haircut With Layers

An overgrown bob with square layers is a perfect low-maintenance cut that won't require a trip to the salon every six weeks. It's also a good medium-length haircut for round faces, and it can look sophisticated with waves or curls.

Medium-Length Haircut With Bangs

If you've been scrolling through medium-length haircuts with bangs, one of our favorite looks includes curtain bangs or butterfly bangs. Layers with curtain bangs is one of the simplest and classiest medium-length haircuts. The piecey cut fits any shape face and aesthetic, whether formal or casual.

Medium-Length Haircut For Loose Curls

A textured, softly layered cut with natural-looking face frames is forgiving and easy to manage while giving beachy vibes all year long. Plus, this medium-length haircut works for thick or thin hair.

Medium-Length Haircut With Shaggy Layers

Half shag, half mullet — the wolf cut has taken center stage. Choppy layers with fringe bangs will be the inspiration photo in many salon chairs.

Medium-Length Hairstyle For Straight Hair

This sleek, edgy lob haircut looks extra chic thanks to the face-framing blunt layers, which makes it one of our favorite medium-length haircuts for thin hair.