Megan Fox's Monochromatic Beauty Look Is a Tangerine Dream

Megan Fox is making a case for matching monochrome eye makeup and nails. The actor's makeup artist Jenna Kristina posted a picture on Instagram, and Fox, whose makeup is typically more of a subtle glam, could be seen with an unusually bold color on both her eyes and nails: bright orange.

Captioning the photo "#meganfox and I were inspired by the 🔥🍊 nails by @nails_of_la," Kristina used a matte orange color to give Fox an inner-corner accent that ended right at the first third of her crease. The orange hue of the eyeshadow perfectly matched Fox's manicure, done by celebrity nail artist Brittney Boyce, which featured a long, almond shape in the bright color, sans nail art. Though it may not have been intentional, Fox's monochrome moment definitely paired well with her new engagement ring from fiancé Machine Gun Kelly, who has his own nail-polish brand, UN/DN LAQR. While we're not exactly sure what polish she used, we could think of nothing more adorable than if it was one of his shades.

Fox has been a beauty icon for the entirety of her career, but this is one of the few times we've ever seen her play with colorful makeup looks. Get a closer look at her monochromatic orange eye makeup and manicure moment ahead.