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What Do All of Nick Jonas's Tattoos Mean?

Nick Jonas May Have a Tiny Tattoo Collection, but Each One Sends a Powerful Message

What Do All of Nick Jonas's Tattoos Mean?

Joe Jonas has an impressive collection of tattoos — even his latest piece is getting a lot of attention because it very closely resembles his wife, Sophie Turner — but he isn't the only Jonas Brother who's been inked in the past. His younger brother Nick Jonas, for example, has his fair share of tattoos as well, although not quite as many.

In fact, the singer appears to be pretty selective with what he gets permanently drawn on his body, and all of his tattoos seem to have deeper meanings that are all tied to his personal life and journey — Nick even got a matching one with Joe a few years ago.

Read ahead to get a closer look at Nick's tattoos and to find out what each one means.

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