Get Ready to See More of the "Nose Bridge" Makeup Trend

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As much as we love more traditional makeup trends like a bold red lip or classic cat eye, there's something whimsical about a look that bridges the gap between beauty and art. One exemplary demonstration of that: the "nose bridge" makeup trend that's recently made its way onto the red carpet and our TikTok For You Pages.

To call this nose-bridge makeup trend avant-garde is an understatement, yet there's still something about it that's incredibly wearable. We most recently saw Camilla Cabello wear the style for the finale of "The Voice." Emma Corrin also wore it to a gala back in September, and before that, on Hunter Schafer, but we have a feeling this makeup look is going to be making more appearances in the near future. If you're intrigued to try it yourself, we're breaking down the trend and how to re-create it at home below.

What Is the Nose-Bridge Makeup Trend?

The nose-bridge makeup trend sees a wash of color — usually something bright or frosty — across the bridge of the nose between the eyes. "Influencers, editorial artists, and various cultures have long treated the bridge and nose as a canvas for makeup and paint, but only recently have we seen the style go more mainstream in pop culture thanks to runway shows like Chet Lo and Deviate," Cat Quinn, executive director of trends for MAC Cosmetics, tells POPSUGAR.

nose-bridge makeup, nose bridge makeup trend, makeup look
Getty | Steve Granitz

Gen Z has drastically altered the status quo for beauty. "As a whole, we're seeing young people reject traditional beauty standards and long-held 'rules' of makeup in favor of self-expression and artistry," she says. This is evident in other popular beauty choices like graphic eyeliner, bleached eyebrows, the jellyfish haircut, "aura" eyeshadow, and more.

Quinn has a couple of ideas as to where the inspiration for this particular look came from. "This feels like an extension of inner-corner highlighting, which graduated to inner-corner color, which slowly migrated up into the bridge and even across the nose," she says. In a way, the makeup trend also closely relates to another popular theme we're seeing in beauty: butterflies.

"The shape mimics butterfly wings, which relates to the butterfly and fairy motifs we are seeing across fashion and beauty," Quinn says. "We're in the peak of fairycore and grunge, and people are drawn to looks that feel like a fantasy and an escape but also have a bit of that subversive edge to them."

nose-bridge makeup, nose bridge makeup trend, makeup look
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How to Re-Create the Nose-Bridge Makeup Trend

There are a few ways you can go about re-creating the nose-bridge makeup trend at home. Quinn recommends using eyeshadow or blush for an easy variation.

"If you're new to the trend, start with an eyeshadow that has a shimmer or frost finish — they're much easier to blend and more forgiving of any mistakes," she says. "I love creating this look with something in the lavender/purple frost family." Some options include the MAC Dazzleshadow in Shine De-Light ($23), the Celestial Winter 10-Piece Eyeshadow Palette ($10), and the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow ($19).

On the other hand, the blush route is also great for beginners as it allows you to build color gradually. "Think of it like 'blush draping' but you're draping the inner corners of your eyes instead of the outer corners." To get the look, we recommend the Patrick Ta Major Headlines Blush & Highlighter Palette Vol II ($58) and the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush ($29).

To allow your nose-bridge makeup to really shine, keep the rest of the products on your face to a minimum — forgo mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick, and opt for just a swipe of gloss — then, voila.