29 Nurse Tattoos That Are Both Badass and Sweet

Nurses are the backbone of healthcare. After what the world has gone through regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, it's safe to say nurses are real-life superheroes. Accustomed to administering needles themselves, some nurses wear their hearts on their sleeves — literally — by paying homage to their job with a tattoo. Even if you're not a nurse but someone close to you is, nurse tattoos are a meaningful way to honor their hard work.

Syringes, stethoscopes, and anatomical depictions of the brain and heart are all popular nurse tattoo ideas to depict the profession. Others include a traditional-style portrait of a nurse or even the symbol for the nursing field. The forearm, calf, and bicep are great placement options if you want to show off your nurse ink, while the rib cage and back are good places for a hidden tattoo. From small, fine-line tattoos to more illustrations, there are endless ways to create your own memorable ink. Keep reading to get inspired for all kinds of nurse tattoos.


Nurse Tattoos: Lungs and Flowers

Not into the idea of a heart? Get a nurse tattoo of lungs instead. This design also incorporates flowers.


Nurse Tattoos: Skeleton Nurse

For an edgy take on a nurse tattoo, opt for a skeleton dressed in an old-fashioned nursing outfit.


Nurse Tattoos: Watercolor Stethoscope

An easy way to personalize your stethoscope nurse tattoo is by adding watercolor to it.


Nurse Tattoos: Floral Nurse

This tattoo showcases a nurse surrounded by beautiful flowers.


Nurse Tattoos: Anatomical Heart

This anatomical heart design is tiny and located on the upper arm, which can be put on display or hidden easily.


Nurse Tattoos: Floral Stethoscope

A popular symbol for nursing and the medical field in general is the stethoscope, seen in this nurse tattoo intertwined with flowers.


Nurse Tattoos: Floral Nurse

Looking for a strong yet delicate nurse tattoo? This fine-line design features a nurse decorated with flowers in their hair.


Nurse Tattoos: Fine-Line Nurse

This tattoo features a linear portrait of a nurse.


Nurse Tattoos: Traditional-Style Nurse

Imbued with lots of shading and colors, this tattoo features a traditional-style portrait of a nurse.


Nurse Tattoos: Brain, Stethoscope, and Syringe Portrait

A syringe, a stethoscope, and a brain are all representative of a career in nursing.


Nurse Tattoos: Floral Syringe

You can customize your syringe tattoo like how this artist did by decorating it with flowers.


Nurse Tattoos: Butterfly Nurse

This tattoo features a nurse with butterfly wings.


Nurse Tattoos: Heart-Shaped Stethoscope

This nurse tattoo sees a stethoscope in the shape of a heart, along with small floral touches.


Nurse Tattoos: Night Nurse

There are a number of ways you can customize your nurse design, like adding a dreamy moon.


Nurse Tattoos: Anatomical Heart

This nurse tattoo idea features a realistic heart with vines forming a stethoscope.


Nurse Tattoos: Syringe Tattoo

This realistic tattoo of a syringe is intricate and visually striking.


Nurse Tattoos: Stethoscope Portrait

Colorful butterflies are a beautiful addition to a nurse tattoo of a stethoscope.


Nurse Tattoos: Anatomical Heart

This gorgeous nurse tattoo features an anatomical heart with flowers growing out of it.


Nurse Tattoos: Skeleton Nurse

A stethoscope-wearing skeleton blooming out of a flower is depicted in this beautifully detailed nurse tattoo.


Nurse Tattoos: Nursing Symbol

This nurse tattoo features a bold and beautiful drawing of the Caduceus, the symbol that's representative of the nursing field.


Nurse Tattoos: Nursing Symbol

This tattoo showcases a smaller version of the nursing symbol along with the initials for "nurse practitioner."


Nurse Tattoos: Floral Electrocardiogram

Electrocardiogram lines and a stethoscope float among sunflowers in this bold nurse tattoo.


Nurse Tattoos: Floral Nursing Symbol

Flowers are a beautiful addition to this tattoo of the nursing symbol.


Nurse Tattoos: Nurse Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter gets a nurse makeover in this tattoo idea.


Nurse Tattoos: Floral Nurse Portrait

In this portrait of a nurse, colorful flowers adorn the face and the word "Proud" is written at the bottom.


Nurse Tattoos: Fine-Line Tattoo

This dainty nurse tattoo features a hand feeling for a pulse.


Nurse Tattoos: Small Syringe

Looking for a small tattoo? Try a tiny syringe to pay homage to the nursing field.