Olivia Wilde's Tattoo Collection Includes a Dragon Butt Tattoo

When Olivia Wilde added two new, delicate tattoos to her collection in early December, they became part of her growing tribute to her family on her body. The actress and director only has a few pieces of body art so far (four that we know of, to be specific), but each design has a special meaning and story — and it's all about her loved ones. Her latest comes courtesy of Dr. Woo, a well-known tattoo artist who's inked celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Zoe Kravitz, Drake, and many more. He's known for his fine line style of tattooing, which is exactly what Wilde keeps gravitating toward for her own art.

While the "Booksmart" director only has a handful of tattoos so far, she's clearly not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, her last trip to see Dr. Woo resulted in not one, but two new tattoos, so we think it's fair to assume she could be on a roll toward more. But those aren't the only tattoos the actor has. For her birthday in 2023, she shared a throwback photo revealing a never-before-seen butt tattoo of a dragon.

Let's take a look at the five pieces of ink she has so far, as well as the sweet meanings behind her tattoos.

Olivia Wilde's Otis and Daisy Tattoos

Wilde's latest ink also hits close to home, as she got the names of her two children she shares with Jason Sudeikis — Otis, 7, and Daisy, 5 — etched on her outer forearms. Dr. Woo shared the fine line design on his Instagram page, which shows both names written in lower-case cursive script and located just above her wrists, with Otis on her right arm and Daisy on the left.

Olivia Wilde's Constellation Tattoos

On Feb. 15, Dr. Woo shared a photo of Wilde's inner-forearm tattoos. "Completing the balance, adding to the story for Olivia," reads his caption. The designs are of a Libra constellation, presumably for her daughter, Daisy, and a Taurus constellation for her son, Otis. The designs, however, aren't new, as she got them back in 2018.

Olivia Wilde's "All Love, A" Quote Tattoo
Getty | Michael Loccisano

Olivia Wilde's "All Love, A" Quote Tattoo

Wilde has a quote tattoo in typewriter font on her wrist that reads, "all love, A," which she said in a Reddit Q&A in 2013 was a reference to her uncle. She wrote on Reddit at the time, according to E! News, "It's in honor of my late uncle Alexander Cockburn. He was a dear dear friend. The tattoo is the last phrase he wrote to me. All love, A. It reminds me to love everyone, just as he did."

Olivia Wilde's Dragon Butt Tattoo

For her 39th birthday, Wilde shared a throwback photo to when she was younger, showing off a never-before-seen butt tattoo in the process. Apparently it's the first design she ever got. "I have a bad-tattoo club if you want to be in it," she said in an interview on "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson." "I have a tattoo of a dragon that I got when I was 13." The actor got the design while visiting New York City.