This Wig Was Created With the Help of AI and Turned Me Into a Believer

POPSUGAR Photography | Ariel Baker
POPSUGAR Photography | Ariel Baker
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I am woefully pathetic at all things hairstyling. Save for a quick little plait and putting my hair up into buns, achieving any semblance of a cute hairstyle is virtually impossible for me. Therefore, you can more often than not catch me in a protective style. Braided ponytails, twists, sew-ins — you name it, I've likely tried it. The one protective style that I've steered clear of, however, is wigs.

It's not that I don't want to try wearing wigs — in fact, it's the total opposite. I would love to strut down the street in an unclockable lace with my hair blowing in the wind behind me. But when I think about the process that it takes to make said wigs actually be wearable — the plucking, the concealer on the lace to match your skin tone, the sewing on the wig band — I simply close my TikTok app and carry on with my day. In short: I do not have time for that.

Still, I can't help but envy the people who know how to wear a wig and make it look good. So when I heard about Parfait's wigs, I was immediately intrigued. The brand uses AI technology to find your exact wig size and skin tone, promising to create the perfect human-hair wig to fit your needs. Desperate for another easy look to add to my hair arsenal, I decided to give it a try.

About Parfait Wigs

  • The signature line comes in 17 different styles, with the option to create a custom wig.
  • The company uses a series of questions, as well as facial scanning technology, to create a front (or closure) that best matches your skin tone and to perfectly size your wig cap.
  • The wigs use ethically sourced human hair and are precut, plucked, and tinted for right-out-of-the-box wear.
  • The wig comes with accessories you'll need to help with styling, like a wig band, alligator clips, and a rat-tail comb.

What I Like About Parfait Wigs

POPSUGAR Photography | Ariel Baker

The style I chose for my wig was the glueless Signature Highlights No. 3 ($570) with a closure. This unit is brown-based with blond ombré toward the ends, as well as money pieces in the same shade. While I ordered my hair, the company asked numerous questions, including what part I wanted, whether I wanted a frontal or lace closure, if I wanted the wig to be glueless or use adhesive, and even how I'd prep my hair under the wig cap. The technology portion came in when creating the size of the wig cap. For my measurements, I was asked to hold a credit-card-sized piece of paper up to my forehead from the front and side in order to accurately get my sizing. Once those pictures were in, I was able to purchase the wig seamlessly.

My first time wearing the hair, I did go to the salon to get it installed, just so that I would know what to do in the future. While there, my stylist commented on how much she loved it. She said, verbatim: "I literally don't have to do anything to this wig, and it's great-quality hair. I love it."

As for at-home use, I have found the wig incredibly easy to take on and off, and the lace is the perfect color for my skin tone. It truly is glueless, and I have thrown it on to run errands plenty of times and had zero fear of it falling off because the cap is so secure. The hair itself feels really silky and smooth once brushed out and does not frizz up or stick out like lesser-quality wigs I've encountered.

What to Consider Before Buying Parfait Wigs

I will say, these wigs are pricey. Depending on what length of hair you get, as well as if you get a frontal or not, hundreds of dollars can be added to the cost of the wigs to get your desired look. Additionally, while the cap itself fits snugly on my head, there is a weird gap with the band that is sewn into the wig. It doesn't affect the look of the wig, but it feels very bulky, so I've been pinning it down with bobby pins to feel a bit more secure.

Besides that, I am someone who will absolutely pay for convenience, and this wig is what I'd call a necessary luxury. If buying a high-quality wig right now that will last me years means saving money in the future, count me in. Not only will I be able to have this wig for a long time, but the technology used to construct it took away steps that I didn't have to do — tinting the lace, plucking the part, etc. — making it next-level easy to wear out of the box. This wig alone has single-handedly turned me into a believer, and I will absolutely be trying more in the future.

Where Are Parfait Wigs Available?

Parfait wigs are available at


Rating: ★★★★