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Transgender Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

The Transgender Beauty and Style Mistakes I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Transgender Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

Hair is one of the biggest concerns for trans women: too much of it in some places, not enough in others. Facial hair is one of the biggest hurdles that we have to deal with, and that means countless sessions of laser, IPL, or electrolysis to get rid of the darn stuff. It's a process that can literally take years to complete, and although there is an improvement over that time, we still want to look pretty during the process. That's where the heavier liquid foundations like Dermablend can really come in handy.

The biggest problem with any sort of permanent hair removal is its expense. Whatever method you use, it is never cheap. If you need to prioritize spending, then I'd always suggest your face is the most important. The smoother that becomes, the more femme you feel. If (like me) you are hair-phobic, then whatever other parts of the body you want to be fuzz-free can wait till you get more of a budget.

The irony of hair for trans women is that on most parts of our bodies we want less of it, but on our heads we may want more! This is often the case for those of us who transitioned later in life. The easiest solution is to find hair products that thicken your hair. Talk with your hairdresser or check online to find protein and hair-thickening products that can help. If you are looking for a more extensive way to fill in receding hairlines or to patch up thinning areas, then hair transplantation is a real option. There are many places that offer this service, but the results can vary, and once again, it is not cheap. But I know some trans women who have done this, and it has truly changed their lives and the way they feel about themselves.

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