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"Side-Tip" French Manicure is Our Favorite Nail Art Trend

The "Side Tip" Nail Art Trend May Be Your Next Go-To If You're Over the French Manicure

The french manicure has been everywhere lately β€” on a handful of celebrities, your friends, and probably you β€” but some nail artists are choosing to put a modern twist on the look with the "side french tip" nail-art trend. The look includes straight lines drawn diagonally across the nail, from one side to the center of the tip.

Kylie Jenner's go-to nail artist Chaun P. has been highlighting the trend on Instagram, referring to it as "side tips," and showing different variations of the trend on his clients. Many people are choosing to wear side tips in the classic nude and white tip combination, but others are combining this new look with other fashionable color combinations like neon nail polish hues and the paint-chip manicure trend.

No matter your style preference, there's a look for you. Check out all the ways beauty-lovers are wearing the side-tip manicure trend.

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