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20 Skull- and Skeleton-Tattoo Designs to Consider

Skull- and Skeleton-Tattoo-Design Ideas to Consider Ahead of Halloween

20 Skull- and Skeleton-Tattoo Designs to Consider

As summer starts to wind down, so begin some of the best months of the year to get a new tattoo. Though tail tats, butterflies, and fruit portraits were predicted to dominate the body-art scene this summer, as the fall months — and particularly Halloween — start to approach once more, you may be tempted to cement your love for the holiday, so why not do so by getting some fresh ink? But not just any tattoo will do this fall — you should probably consider a skeleton or skull tattoo.

Skeleton and skull tattoos are perfect if you are a fan of all things spooky but may not want to get a horror, or more graphic, tattoo. The design of these tattoos can be extremely versatile, and in fact, different skeleton- and skull-tattoo designs also have different meanings. Sugar-skull tattoos, for example, hail from Mexican culture, and the vibrant colors used to decorate the designs are typically seen as a way to celebrate and honor the dead. A human-skeleton tattoo, on the other hand, could serve as a reminder for the wearer "to stay on their newly found path of righteousness and to not go back to their pasts," according to

Whatever your reasons for wanting a skull or skeleton tattoo are, if you're looking for inspiration for your own piece, take a look at some of the best skeleton- and skull-tattoo designs from Instagram ahead.

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