Sofia Richie Has 13 Tiny Tattoos — Here's What They Mean

In case you missed it, Sofia Richie recently tied the knot with Elliot Grainge set against the breathtaking backdrop at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in the South of France. The model and fashion designer wowed everyone with her three custom-made Chanel wedding dresses for the star-studded event, and while we wouldn't blame you for drooling over the quaint scenery and her elegant haute couture picks, we were hung up on another detail: her tattoos. In fact, we couldn't help but notice how incredibly well her discreet, blink-and-you'll-miss-it collection of ink camouflaged with her bridal look on her big day. You might not have noticed, but Richie has 13 known tattoos to date, each with a special meaning.

The Nudestix beauty director got her first tattoo at 2016 and has been steadily collecting more since. The majority are done by celebrity tattoo artists Jonathan "JonBoy" Valena, with Dr. Woo also contributing a few pieces to her growing collection. While Richie has everything from a fine-line design to script and symbols to her name, her ink shares a running theme of them all being black and dainty pieces placed in somewhat obscure locations, like her neck and wrists.

And since Richie's body-art collection is nothing short of a masterclass in selecting tasteful tiny tattoos, we took the liberty of locating them all and arranging them into a thorough guide for you. From tattoos communicating her faith to sentimental designs marking her love for her family, take a look at all of Richie's tattoos and find out what they mean ahead.

Sofia Richie's "13:4" Nape Tattoo

Richie debuted the dainty "13:4" ink on her nape in September 2016. The piece refers to the Bible verse that reads, "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud." The model got it during her brief courtship with Justin Bieber in 2016; the "Sorry" singer, who also has body artwork dedicated to a whole Bible verse located on his right shoulder blade, appears to have reportedly inspired this specific ink.

Sofia Richie's Behind-the-Ear "Richie" Tattoo

The model wants you to know she's proud of her family roots. She got her family name, "Richie," tattooed behind her right ear in dainty cursive handwriting in September 2016 from Hollywood tattooist JonBoy.

Sofia Richie's "MBR" Thumb Tattoo

Richie got her older brother's initials, "MBR," for Miles Brockman Richie, inked vertically along the inside of her right thumb with the help of JonBoy in November 2016.

The siblings share a sweet, tight-knit bond, often celebrating and lifting each other on social media. "Happy birthday to you my favorite little human… Happy to experience this journey called life with you by my side, like mom always said you will be my longest relationship. I love you more than you love rice," Miles captioned a birthday tribute dedicated to his younger sister in August 2021, alongside a carousel of cute candid snaps.

Sofia Richie's "Clarity" Neck Tattoo

Placed horizontally on her neck below her left ear in spaced-out all-caps text is the word "clarity," which Richie got in November 2016 with the help of JonBoy. While she hasn't disclosed the significance behind the tattoo, it could represent a sense of peace within when attuned to one's inner self.

Sofia Richie's Cross Finger Tattoos

In September 2016, Richie stopped by JonBoy's tattoo house to get a mini cross tattoo on the side of her left middle finger. Then, a year later, right before walking the Met Gala red carpet in 2017, the model added another tiny cross to her growing ink collection, with this one placed atop her left middle finger. The latter was an impromptu tattoo, which she got as a matching pair with her stylist and friend Chloe Bartoli, and also done by her long-time body-artwork collaborator JonBoy.

Sofia Richie's "Bird" Nape Tattoo

Richie added another sweet tattoo to her collection when she got the word "bird" inscribed on the back of her neck in December 2020. Done by LA-based celeb tattooist Dr. Woo, the tattoo is her "nickname in my dad's writing," according to an Instagram Story she shared at the time.

Sofia Richie's "L" Ankle Tattoo

Richie values family relations above all, as reflected in her tattoo choices. In 2017, the fashion designer got the first-name initial of her father, the famed musician Lionel Richie, written on her right ankle in beautiful small cursive font.

Sofia Richie's "Never Let Go" Wrist Tattoo

The phrase "Never Let Go" is inked on the side of Richie's right wrist. The piece is done in small, block text the model appears to be very fond of. She unveiled the ink on Instagram in March 2017 while locking hands with another person in the shared image, putting the newly minted ink on full display, leading many to believe that the placement of the script tattoo might be well-thought-out.

Sofia Richie's Chinese Moon Tattoo

In 2019, the model scheduled a quick family trip to Dr. Woo's tattoo parlor to get a matching ink with her brother, Miles Richie, and mom, Diane Alexander. The trio together got a Chinese symbol for the moon (月), with Sofia placing hers on her left ankle and her brother getting it behind his ear.

Sofia Richie's Gratitude Wrist Tattoo

Tattoo artist Scott Campbell gave Richie this infinite circular design — typically a symbol of gratitude — on the inside of her right wrist. The design is encased within a quadrilateral with a symmetrical single-needle finish highlighting its edges.

Sofia Richie's "Loyalty" Wrist Tattoo

She has the word "loyalty" scribbled on the outer side of her left wrist.

Sofia Richie's Crescent-Moon Finger Tattoo

Enlisting the help of Dr. Woo, Richie got a crescent moon inked on her right pinky finger at the end of 2020. She also got a bunch of delicate fine-line ornamental designs on top of her middle right finger and around the moon piece in Dr. Woo's niche single-needle tattoo style.