The "Supermodel Highlights" Hair-Color Trend Is a Celebrity-Loved Throwback

  • "Supermodel highlights" are making a return for fall.
  • The hair-color trend was famously worn by Cindy Crawford in the '90s.
  • This updated version of the hair color features shadow roots.

If Cindy Crawford à la 1992 was ever on your mood board, this one's for you: "supermodel highlights" are making a comeback this fall, and much like the supermodel lip trend that came before it, its resurgence is long overdue. The list of born-again '90s beauty trends is a long one with butterfly clips, french manicures, and chunky highlights positioned comfortably at the top, but this season's latest addition comes just in time for fall hair-salon appointments and has a chance of stealing the number one spot.

At first glance, supermodel highlights can look a lot like the celebrity-loved chunky-highlights trend combined with the money-piece highlights trend, but the key difference here is how the colors are blended. While money-piece and chunky highlights are all about contrast, supermodel highlights are blended into your roots and less streaky.

"Supermodel highlights are bold, with a slight root shadow," celebrity hairstylist and Matrix brand ambassador Rachel Bodt told POPSUGAR. "This look has lots of strong, face-framing highlights that bring attention to the face." Crawford famously wore the hairstyle in the early '90s, but we've seen it more recently on celebrities like Addison Rae, Jennifer Lopez, and even the model's daughter, Kaia Gerber.

While the look is characterized by thick streaks of color and feels more daring than traditional blended highlights, it doesn't have the same stark, striped effect as chunky highlights. "With people growing out their natural hair more, having that pop right around the face really gives a nice impact for your look," Bodt said. "The pro is that this look isn't super high maintenance." This is thanks to the shadow-root element of the hair color.

Aside from the fact that supermodel highlights are low maintenance, the trend is also great because it works on all hair colors and types. "It's all about the color palettes and using root shadows to smudge the line of demarcation so it doesn't look dated," Bodt said. For more inspiration for the supermodel-highlights hair-color trend, keep scrolling.