Taurus Tattoos To Save For Inspiration

If there were one zodiac sign most likely to fall in love and become convinced that a couple's tattoo is a good idea, it would most likely be a Taurus. Born between April 20 and May 20, those who fall under the sign are well-known for being stubborn and headstrong. Their ability to stand steadfast in their decisions is typically what makes a Taurus immediately recognizable. However, they also tend to appreciate the finer things in life, which is why they would be big fans of Taurus tattoos.

Whether it's a Taurus constellation tattoo, a design strictly inspired by the zodiac symbol, or a portrait of their animal symbol, the bull, Taurus tattoo ideas can be dainty and abstract or bold and hyperrealistic. The choice is entirely personal and there is no wrong way to go about getting an astrology tattoo. Taurus celebrities like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have gotten designs inspired by the zodiac (his ink features a straightforward portrait of the bull), while others have gotten Taurus-inspired ink (like Olivia Wilde did in honor of her son Otis). You can even take a page out of Adele's playbook and go the planetary route — the singer has a portrait of Saturn on her wrist.

Still, if you're set on getting a new tattoo but just need a little inspiration, we rounded up the best examples we could find. Whether you just want a dainty, one-word design or a Taurus symbol tattoo that's colorful and eye-catching, there's something here for everyone.

Fine-Line Taurus Bull Tattoo

If you like a delicate look to your tattoos, try a fine-line design of the Taurus bull with additional zodiac elements, like the constellation. You can also add a softer touch to your ink by incorporating flowers and plants, as seen here.

Taurus Constellation Tattoo

Lover of constellations? Make the celestial design Taurus-themed for a unique take on your zodiac tattoo.

Dainty Taurus Tattoo

This adorable Taurus sign tattoo takes the outline of the bull and flips it on its head. By recreating it using flowers and twines, the tattoo is delicate and simple — perfect for minimalists.

Quirky Devil Taurus Tattoo

Have some fun with your Taurus tattoo by putting your own personal spin on it. We love this fun design of a woman with curly hair and bull horns.

Tiny Taurus Sign Tattoo

If you're looking for a hidden tattoo, consider inking a discreet area like behind the ear or your ankle. Another good option is to go for the Taurus symbol, which looks much more minimal and abstract.

Colorful Taurus Bull Tattoo

If you really want to make a statement, get your Taurus tattoo in a location that can't be missed. This design has an almost ethereal quality to it thanks to the addition of color and ornaments like jewels and beads.

Abstract Bull Taurus Tattoo

If you love art and contrasting lines, give your Taurus bull tattoo an abstract twist. You can also incorporate your other interests into your ink. For example, if you have a green thumb, add in your favorite flower or vines.

Tribal Taurus Tattoo

If you want to make your tribal tattoo more personal, draw the design in the shape of your zodiac sign, as seen with this Taurus tattoo.

Colorful Taurus Hand Tattoo

We bet you've never seen a Taurus sign tattoo quite like this one. From the hand placement to the colorful design, this piece is beautiful to look at and has a personal meaning behind it.

Traditional Taurus Tattoo

Traditional, '90s-inspired designs will never go out of style so why not get your Taurus tattoo in the nostalgic style? Play around with color and the exaggerated, cartoon-like finishes that were popular then.

Blackwork Bull Taurus Tattoo

If you prefer a more straightforward Taurus design, look at tattooing techniques like blackwork to make your bull design pop. Then play around with different placements to add a touch of personality to the piece.

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