We Found Sydney's Chic Hair Scarves From "The Bear"

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Ever since FX's "The Bear" premiered on Hulu on June 23, people can't stop talking about it — from how to make the infamous spaghetti pomodoro to Jeremy Allen White's tattoos (and how they differ from his character, Carmy's) and, of course, Sydney Adamu's many stylish hair scarves. Played by Ayo Edebiri, Sydney is Carmy's ambitious new sous-chef. Not only does she dominate in the kitchen, but she also looks pretty damn chic while doing it. In the seedy, dimly lit kitchen, she stands out with her colorful hair accessories.

"My initial inspiration for Sydney's vibe and bandanas came from researching other female chefs and seeing what they wore in the kitchen," the pilot's costume designer, Cristina Spiridakis, tells POPSUGAR. "When we were in prep for the show, we'd pay attention to every kitchen in every restaurant we went to, keeping our eye on details like bandanas and headwear and shoes. Then we went on a hunt for pieces we thought were cool or interesting as well as functional."

It's easy to understand why a chef would wear a hair scarf while cooking — it keeps sweat and hair off of their face — but the patterns and bright colors on Sydney's accessories make it clear they're not just something the character picked up on whim out of necessity. "It's a form of expression for Sydney: a way of bringing her own point of view into spaces that might not readily accept her voice," Courtney Wheeler, the show's costume designer for episodes two through eight, says. "Also, for many Black women, myself included, there is a bit of an instinct to protect your hair, so that is also something that's at play here."

While a few of Sydney's hair scarves are vintage, others are from small Chicago-based boutiques and online stores, and we were able to find them. Keep scrolling to shop Sydney's hair scarves from "The Bear."

Everett Collection

In both the pilot episode and episode six, titled "Ceres," Sydney wears the Gemini Chicago Cai & Jo Musa Bandana ($28). This bright pink-and-orange hair scarf is the one that started it all.

Later on in episode two, called "Hands," she wears the Viso Project V141 Color Block Silk Scarf ($180), which features a colorblock design in green, red, black, and white.

Everett Collection

Also in episode two — and later on again in episode seven titled "Review" — Sydney can be seen wearing the Independence Chicago Kapital Smile Bandana ($43). The navy polka-dot scarf has a yellow smiley face on it.

Everett Collection

In episode three, titled "Brigade," Sydney is wearing the Mountain Trail Trout Bandana ($8), which has fish on it. (Which feels very fitting for a chef, no?)

Episode five, "Sheridan," sees the sous-chef in the Mur by Ayca Peekaboo Scarf ($72), a deep-blue bandana with hands printed on it.