Thermal Makeup Will Make You the Main Character of the Summer

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No matter where you turn, there always seems to be a new beauty trend that is begging for your attention. From strawberry-milk nails to shattered layers, each trend promises to help you achieve the coolest looks from the runways at Fashion Week and social media alike. The latest to grab our attention? Thermal makeup. In a now-viral video, makeup artist and influencer Nikkie de Jager uses a two-part eyeshadow system that changes color based on temperature. "This is such a cool, innovative product," de Jager says after seeing the different finishes she can get by playing with temperature.

This color-changing makeup is technology we've seen before, but it's experiencing renewed interest in this era of main-character energy. "Makeup is all about expressing your personal tastes," makeup artist Ehlie Luna tells POPSUGAR. "What better way to highlight your individuality than makeup that changes based on your body or personal surroundings? Additionally, thermal makeup is great for that element of surprise."

Temperature-changing makeup usually focuses on the heat from your body, as we've seen in products like Espressoh's Glassy blush ($26) or Winky Lux's Amethyst Balm ($17). "pH makeup uses a class of colors called bromo acid dyes that basically function like pH indicators or litmus paper," cosmetic chemist Javon Ford previously told POPSUGAR. "When you use this ingredient, the color of the product it is used in changes depending on a certain pH level. Many brands are only using Red 27, which always shifts to pink."

The product that de Jager uses is actually an interesting twist on the trend, reacting to the temperature of the environment. Created by beauty brand The Unseen, the transformation is a patented process called Colour Alchemy. The technology is inspired by natural structural color and developed using microprism technology. "Colour Alchemy reflects only specific wavelengths of color to the viewer," the brand's website reads. "As the temperature changes, so does the structure of the microprisms, shifting the color that people see." For this duo, in particular, the microprism technology triggers a color change between 82 to 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the unofficial start to summer just a few short days away, there will be no shortage of concerts, festivals, and outdoor parties to go to in the next few months. What better way to stand out than with your own thermal makeup look? To make sure you're ready for all your summer festivities, take a closer look at some thermal-makeup looks below.

Thermal-Makeup Graphic Eyeliner

This thermal-eyeshadow look uses the Colour Alchemy system to create bright lines going across the eye — perfect for a rave (or any other fun late-night party).

Thermal-Makeup Negative-Space Eyeshadow

Take your thermal eye makeup up a notch by making it the star of the show. This version uses the system to create a color-shifting negative-space shadow.

Thermal-Makeup Cat Eye

This isn't your regular cat eye; it's a cool, color-shifting cat eye, thanks to thermal makeup.