"Strawberry Milk" Nails Are a Delicious New Twist on a Classic

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OK, we have news: there is a new nail trend in town that looks as delicious as it sounds, and it's probably about to be all over your TikTok. "Strawberry milk" nails have slowly been taking their rightful place in the "best nail looks" Hall of Fame — and with good reason.

The manicure has been spotted on everyone from Marsai Martin and Florence Pugh, and will undoubtedly be showing up on red carpets in Hollywood in no time. Why? It's another take on a classic, wearable neutral trend you all know and love. "This look is perfect for the upcoming wedding season," manicurist Anahi Victoria tells POPSUGAR. "It's also incredibly easy to achieve."

"Strawberry milk" nails are likely similar to pale pink shades you've encountered before, but this updated version leans into the creamy finishes that are more readily associated with pastels than your standard pink hue. To help us understand the trend a bit more, Victoria is breaking down everything you need to know, below.

What Are "Strawberry Milk" Nails?

"'Strawberry milk' nails are a spin-off of milk-bath nails," Victoria says. "Instead of white, a cloudy pink is used for the base color." The color is similar to a more opaque version of the one used for Hailey Bieber's glazed-doughnut nails, or a slightly translucent version of a traditional pastel pink. Whichever way you spin it, your nails will look so much like the drink itself that you'll probably be tempted to make a few more runs than usual to the grocery store.

There are a few products that can help you achieve "strawberry milk" nails at home (more on that below), but if you go to a salon, your best bet is always to bring a picture of the color that most closely resembles the one you're trying to achieve. "Ask for a mix of jelly white and pink polishes," Victoria says. "You can always add more from there."

How to Get "Strawberry Milk" Nails at Home

Thankfully, this look is extremely easy to DIY with the right products. "Start off by applying one coat of Light's Lacquer's Head in the Clouds ($11), which is a milky white shade, and then apply two coats of Fill Me In ($13)," Victoria says. "Finish everything off with a shiny topcoat to achieve a professional-level faux gel manicure."

This hue also acts as the perfect base for nail art like french tips, texture, aura designs, and more, so if you haven't already, go ahead and assign it some points for being extremely versatile.

Still, if you're looking for some inspiration, prepare to completely revamp your Instagram nail folder because you're about to have plenty. See some of our favorite iterations of "strawberry milk" nails below.

"Strawberry Milk" Nails Inspiration