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What Beauty Trend From TikTok Should You Try?

What Beauty Trend From TikTok Should You Try? Take This Easy Quiz to Find Out

Forget Keeping Up With the Kardashians (sorry, Kris), but we need a new show that will loop us in on the latest and greatest TikTok beauty trends instead. Ever since the video app launched, we've learned countless tricks, beauty hacks, tips, and trends — and for that, we are equally grateful and overwhelmed. On this sure-to-be megahit show, the premise would be simple: each episode would cover a different beauty trend that's going viral on TikTok, and exemplify ways to re-create it, feature celebs and influencers who have tried it, and more.

Until some producer gets wind of its potential (call us), there is another stand-in to helping you pinpoint what buzzy look to try at home: a quiz. Ahead, answer six quick questions about your personality and unique characteristics to reveal what beauty trend from TikTok you need to re-create. Don't worry, the answers are all worth tuning into.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Matthew Kelly

What's your motto for your going-out look?

Less is more.
Red lip or bust.
Eyes, lips, face.
Good hair or don’t care.
No makeup, no problem.
Same look all day, every day.

What is your favorite platform to consume beauty content on?

Tiktok, duh.
Magazines are my favorite.
Instagram Reels (sorry, TikTok).
My friends, for sure.
YouTube, always.
Websites (like POPSUGAR, obviously).

It's time for bed. What’s your routine?

Put pajamas on, and turn off the lights.
I have three steps: cleanse, moisturize, bed.
TBH, getting ready for bed takes me longer than getting ready to go out . . .
Gua sha, retainer, overnight mask, repeat.
I can't sleep without my retinol, moisturizer, eye cream, and sleep mask.
I do a leave-in hair treatment and call it a night.

It’s your birthday! How are you celebrating and what is your makeup look?

To the club we go. Also, who needs a glam squad when you’ve got your makeup skills?
Dinner with the BFFs, and, of course, red lipstick.
An intimate dinner with my partner, meaning some mascara and lip gloss, but nothing too wild.
Birthdays aren’t really my thing, so I'm just ordering takeout and watching a movie. (Read: no makeup.)
Hitting the local bars. Expect my hair to be done but my makeup to be minimal.
I'm doing a joint bday with my BFF, so we’re wearing the same makeup look and matching outfits.

The sun is shining and you're at the beach. What's your beauty look?

Just SPF — let's stick to the basics.
A no-makeup waterproof makeup look (plus SPF).
No makeup (just SPF!). Oh, and a cute fishtail braid.
My makeup from the night before (oops). Plus SPF.
Waterproof mascara, lip and cheek tint, and yes, SPF.
OMG, I forgot my mascara wasn’t waterproof (but my SPF is).

What’s the main reason you go on TikTok?

To keep up with ALL the viral trends (read: food, fashion, dances . . . )
To go viral with my makeup skills.
To find products I don't need (but definitely will buy).
To learn new dances.
To send funny videos to my friends.
Wait how do I log into my account again?
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