This Is the Exact Tool You Need to Re-Create That Viral TikTok French-Tip Nail Hack

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The latest nail trend making the rounds on TikTok is one to create a perfect french manicure in minutes. It's both genius and incredibly easy to do at home, but there's one specific (but easy-to-find) tool you need to do it right: a silicone nail stamper. Nail stampers are typically used with stamping plates to imprint fun (and often complex) designs onto your fingertips with no hand-painting necessary.

To make this hack work, simply paint on a couple of coats of nail polish in the color you want your french tips to be — being generous with the amount because you want there to be enough polish to cover the entire tip of your nail. Whilst the polish is still wet (you need to do this before it has a chance to dry), gently push the tip of your fingernail into the silicone stamp at approximately a 30-degree angle, rocking your nail back and forth so you get both sides. Once you've covered the entire tip, gently lift your finger away and you should be left with a practically perfect french-tip design. It may take a couple of practices to master, but it's far easier than painstakingly trying to create a french tip with a small brush.

You can get stamps in a variety of different colors, however we'd recommend getting a clear one as it's easier to see the polish colors. Ahead, shop some of our favorite stamps to master this fun french manicure hack.

Viral TikTok French-Manicure Nail-Stamping Hack