The Results From the TikTok Random Number Makeup Challenge Are Mesmerizing

It's not hard to get lost in the sea of TikTok videos available on the internet. For beauty-lovers, the app is an endless resource for makeup challenges — PurpleShampooChallenge or #OneMinuteMakeupChallenge, anyone? Well, we have a new one for you called the random number makeup challenge.

Armed with your favorite eye shadow palette, the challenge works by using selected shades at random to create a full eye look. There are two versions of the challenge buzzing around: one uses a random number generator on the web to select the shades; the other (which also happens to be the original) goes the old-fashioned paper route, which involves pulling a number out of a bag. To get started, you first count how many shades are in your palette of choice and insert that number into the generator (or write each number on tiny pieces of paper). Then, using three shades selected at random, you create a head-turning eye shadow look. Seems easy enough, right? It is, in theory. However, there's a very good chance the colors you end up with won't naturally go together — but that's when you get to let your creativity shine.

The makeup challenge was started by TikTok user @lanelogue, who used the paper-in-a-bag method, but has since been picked up by tons of users — even James Charles got in on the fun.

Something about seeing people pull together a complete makeup look out of nothing is very satisfying to watch. Check out more videos from the random number makeup challenge ahead.