If Your Curly Hair Could Use a Boost, Ask Your Stylist For the "Twist and Cut" Haircut

"Bulk" is only good when you have a Costco membership (and enough room in your apartment to store everything), but when it comes to your hair, that term often translates to "heavy" or "weighed down" — especially if you have curls. Luckily, one small tweak at your next salon appointment can make all the difference in how light your hair feels. All you have to ask for is the "twist and cut."

Much like "invisible layers," this technique is meant to remove weight and add movement into a haircut. For people with wavy or curly hair, specifically, it can serve as an easy way to prevent frizz or cut split ends without removing any length. "The 'twist and cut' is where medium to long hair is lightly twisted and held in low elevation while we cut small incisions into hair with shears to prevent frizz and remove bulk," Omar Antonio, hairstylist and global top artist for Sebastian Professional, told POPSUGAR.

While the styling secret isn't new — hairstylist Tamara Laureus says she's been using it on clients for 15 years, in fact — the technique is a game changer across all hair types and textures. "We do this to open one's curls," she said. "If I have curly haired client with very tight curls, I will use this technique to create more fullness and shape. I also use [it] for men's haircuts and straight hair. It helps creates [sic] movement."

Curious? Join the club — and then get a closer look at the haircut technique and its results, ahead. No fancy membership card required.