Uma Thurman Gave Daughter Maya Hawke a Haircut à La Mia Wallace From Pulp Fiction

Maya Hawke just got a badass blunt-bob haircut, and it looks like her onscreen job at Scoops Ahoy isn't her only claim to '80s fame. Unlike other celebrities testing their own at-home skills with the haircutting scissors, the Stranger Things star enlisted the help of none other than Uma Thurman, aka her mom, to get the job done right. "Home haircuts bring us back home. We are all finding ourselves again," Thurman captioned an Instagram post of herself snipping Hawke's hair in the kitchen on April 23.

It may just be the lighting, but something about Hawke's haircut bears a striking resemblance to her mom's hair when she starred as the iconic Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction. Either way, the chin-length bob looks super cute from behind, and we can't wait for Hakwe to share more photos of the new cut soon.