White Claw Halloween Makeup Is Now a Thing — Because of Course It Is

They say there "ain't no laws when you're drinking Claws," but apparently that lack of laws has resulted in some unfortunate injuries. Well, at least that's the illusion created by Instagram's latest special-effects makeup trend. Ahead of Halloween, makeup gurus have begun paying homage to White Claw by crafting surprisingly creepy makeup looks inspired by the beloved spiked seltzer brand. The trend involves making it look as though your face has been impaled by a can of the bubbly beverage — complete with fake blood and all.

Whether you're a die-hard Mango flavor fan or can't get enough of that refreshing Ruby Grapefruit, re-creating this gory Halloween makeup look is actually pretty easy. As suggested by a handful of makeup artists who've hopped on the bandwagon, start by smearing on liquid latex as a barrier between the can's edge and your face. You can stick pieces of tissue or cotton ball on top of the latex for an added layer of protection before adhering your halved can. (Use scissors to make that edge as smooth as possible first!) Once the can is stuck to your face, dab on red eye shadow and fake blood for that gruesome touch, and voilà.

Disclaimer: this makeup idea is probably best if only worn in the comfort of your home for spooky selfie-taking purposes — because, y'know, jagged can edges and whatnot. We don't advise or condone rocking this at a Halloween party, especially one that'll be serving up alcoholic beverages. Please, for the love of Black Cherry White Claw and all that is good in this world, spare yourself and your precious face.

Now that that's out of the way, let's check out a tutorial. Below, watch a step-by-step guide to re-creating this thirst-quenching makeup, and then keep reading to see how a handful of talented makeup-lovers have interpreted the trend.

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How to Do White Claw Halloween Makeup

In this tutorial, makeup artist Alyssa Lynn attaches a White Claw can to her forehead using liquid latex and adds an additional gory gash on her cheek.

Another White Claw Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Watch makeup artist Taylor Esler use liquid latex, bits of tissue, and then more liquid latex to make the White Claw can stick to her face.

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And Yet Another, Because Why Not

Maya Louis suggests using pieces of ripped-up cotton ball to add even more protection between the can and your face.

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