Wait a Minute, Willow Smith's Gorgeous Fulani Braids Inch All the Way Down Her Back

Willow Smith is rocking a new set of Fulani braids, and we cannot get over how incredible she looks from every angle. On Feb. 8, Smith's hairstylist Erinn Courtney shared a video and photos of the braids on her Instagram account, and the finished look is immaculate from front to back. "Love love love these Fulani braids on @willowsmith," Courtney captioned the post.

Historically, Fulani braids, which are also known as tribal braids, come from the Fulani people, a Muslim community from the Sahel region and West Africa. There's no set design to Fulani braids, but the look typically consists of a single cornrow braided down the middle of the scalp and surrounded by a pattern of braids on either side. Smith's stylist fanned the braids out like sun rays and even created a gorgeous zigzag pattern going down the back of her head. It's a photo-worthy hair flip you won't want to miss.