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Amy Winehouse Dealing With Paparazzi Video

This Painful Amy Winehouse Clip Proves That Fame Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

Amy, the heartbreaking documentary about late singer Amy Winehouse, is in theaters now, and a new trailer for the film is aiming to shed light on the highs and lows of her fame. While the movie is hard to watch for many reasons, there's little more haunting than seeing how badly Amy was treated by the press, especially once you realize how much she was struggling in her personal life from substance abuse, a turbulent relationship, and an eating disorder.

Her ex-manager and longtime friend Nick Shymansky recalls that, "Suddenly it was cool to crack jokes about a bulimic's appearance, or her drug addictions." The saddest part? Throughout the film, you find out that Amy really didn't care about being a celebrity; she had "such an emotional relationship to music" and would have given the fame, press, and likely the accolades back in a heartbeat just to be able to sing. Watch the clip above now, and look back on Amy's best moments here.

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