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Anna Faris on Conan January 2017

Not Kidding: Anna Faris Used to Cheer on Masturbators on Chatroulette

Anna Faris is a glamorous Hollywood actress, an adorable mom to son Jack, and Chris Pratt's better half, but she's also not afraid to talk about sex, penises, and masturbating, and we honestly hope she never changes. The Mom actress stopped by Conan on Tuesday night to discuss her hilarious and relatable podcast, Anna Faris Is Unqualified, and her new memoir of the same name. She revealed to the host that she got the idea to do the podcast in the first place because she used to spend time on Chatroulette, a website where you can interact with strangers from all over the world via video chat, back in 2008. "It was amazing for a while," she said, "but then it quickly became all penises. It was so disappointing to me, but for a minute my friends and I would do this thing — because out of my anger towards the warping of this cool thing — we would start to cheer these guys on. So we would go on it and you see a penis and a hand just doing it's thing, and we would be like, 'Yay! Yay! You can do it! Let's go! Come on, you're so close!" Just when we thought we couldn't love her more . . .

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