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Courteney Cox Re-Creates Friends "Pivot" Scene March 2019

Courteney Cox Feeds Our Nostalgia and Re-Creates an Iconic Scene From Friends: "Pivot!"

Courteney Cox knows how to make our hearts go pitter-pivot. On Saturday, the former star of Friends shared a video in which she re-created one of the most classic scenes from the hit '90s and early-2000s series. In the clip, Courteney follows two men who are moving a large piece of furniture to another room in the house. While they're being careful to transport the item and maneuver their way through a hallway, the 54-year-old actress is heard repeatedly yelling, "Pivot!" It's reminiscent of the 1999 episode of Friends, titled "The One with the Cop," in which Ross (David Schwimmer) keeps screaming "Pivot!" as he, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), and Chandler (Matthew Perry) try to carry a couch up a flight of stairs.

Recently, Courteney gave us another much-appreciated flashback when she posted an old photo of her and Jennifer to celebrate her former costar's 50th birthday. Although the show ended in 2004, it will always have a special place in our hearts and Netflix queues.

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