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Watch Alicia Keys's Vogue 73 Questions Video

Alicia Keys Preaches Inner Strength and the "Power of a Woman" in Candid Vogue Interview

I don't know what it is about Alicia Keys's presence, but she manages to inspire me every time she speaks. Needless to say, her 73 Questions interview with Vogue — which was filmed in February — is really a motivational video as the 39-year-old singer discusses a handful of topics in her massive home, including feminism and the importance of representation in music.

She highlighted her organization, She Is the Music, which unifies, supports, and promotes women who work in all facets of the music industry. "I'd love to see more women at the table and that's what we're talking about and what we're creating, and, you know, more women engineers and more women producers and more women in board rooms, you know, just more women really creating the world we want," she said. She then spoke about what feminism means to her, saying, "Feminism to me just means the power of a woman and honoring it and cherishing it and really lifting it up and revering it."

If that's not enough to encourage you, then maybe her candid answer about conquering a major obstacle is. "The hardest challenge I've ever had to overcome was probably just really recognizing that the power that I was looking for or the answers that I was looking for are inside of me as opposed to outside of me," she said. Preach.

The songstress also chatted about hosting this year's Grammys, as well as her upcoming album, Alicia, and her memoir More Myself, which hit shelves in March. Opening up about the book, Alicia said, "More Myself is definitely a theme and a place where I'm really understanding more about how to become my authentic self, and I wanted to share some of those journeys with you because I think we're all looking for the truth and a realness in our lives." Watch the full interview above, which includes an adorable cameo from Alicia's 9-year-old son, Egypt!

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