Thank Me Later For This Gorgeous Video of Hot Priest Andrew Scott Reading a Hopeful Poem

During a time when it can be difficult to stay positive, Andrew Scott (aka the Hot Priest from Fleabag) recorded a video of himself reading a hopeful poem, and I have a confession to make: I've watched it eight times. The video — which was uploaded to Emilia Clarke's Instagram page on Monday — shows Andrew reading "Everything Is Going to Be All Right" by Derek Mahon in front of a whitewashed brick wall as the sunlight illuminates his beautiful face. "Andrew has asked to dedicate this to Men Against Cancer Ireland. Andrew we salute you!" Emilia captioned the video since Andrew doesn't use social media.

Andrew's soothing Scottish accent and captivating acting skills make the heartfelt reading exactly what I needed to hear today, while the video itself has me feeling heart emoji after heart emoji. The rolled-up shirt sleeves of his soft linen shirt, the pushed-back hair, the way he delicately plays with the thin chain around his neck, and his captivating smile make it almost impossible for me to look away. So please enjoy the full poetry reading for yourself ahead, and remember to take a few deep breaths along the way.