Eugene Levy Looks Peak Dad in Annie Murphy's Birthday Tribute

The Schitt's Creek cast's love for one another knows no bounds and that was particularly evident in the picture Annie Murphy chose for onscreen father Eugene Levy as part of an Instagram tribute posted on Dec. 17 for the actor's 74th birthday. Annie captioned the post, "The number of pierogis and bacon bits in the containers this man was taking so he could have 'a nice little dinner later' doesn't even come close to representing how much I love him. Happy birthday, my sweet Euge." It seems that Eugene might actually be Johnny Rose after all, as taking a few extra pierogis for a nice little dinner later feels like something he would absolutely do. We just wonder what David, Moira, and Alexis might think of it. Then again, David was all about having Patrick gather him a few extra sliders at a barbecue.