This Hilarious TikTok Star Does the Best Kardashian Impressions This Side of Calabasas

If you've ever considered binge watching all 20 seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, save your time and just watch Yuri Lamasbella's TikTok videos instead. In her popular TikTok series, Lamasbella hilariously nails every impersonation of the sisters (usually Kourtney and Kim) while managing to highlight all of the best quirks to come out of their reality show, from the salad talks, to the "mYeahs," and all the shameless plugs of Kylie Cosmetics, Poosh, and Skims.

Though Lamasbella is first and foremost a beauty influencer and YouTuber, practically all of her Kardashian TikToks have gone viral with views in the millions. Once you see one, you won't be able to stop scrolling through the rest: her parodies are so on point that Kim Kardashian herself even gifted her $846 worth of Skims. KUWTK stan or not, it's hard not to laugh at her videos, so if you're in the mood for some funny Kardashian content, check out this roundup of Lamasbella's best TikToks.

"Every Kardashian Episode Ever"

"Kardashian Salad Talk"

"Kourtney Saving the Planet All Wrong"

"Every Kardashian Episode Ever Part 3"

"The Cookie Catastrophe"

"MYeah" Compilation

"Every Kardashian Episode Ever Part 5"

"The Nanny Dilemma"

"Kim FREAKS OUT at the Ropes Course"

"Every Kardashian Episode Ever Part 10"

"Kourtney Running Away"

"LiTteRAlLy" Compilation

"Every Kardashian Episode Part 11"