Billie Eilish's Birth Chart Perfectly Matches Her Deeply Emotional Music

Getty | Cindy Ord / MG23
Photo Illustration by Michelle Alfonso
Getty | Cindy Ord / MG23
Photo Illustration by Michelle Alfonso

Billie Eilish's birth chart has a very clear connection to her musical journey. In 2016, when Eilish was only 14 years old, she released her hauntingly beautiful single "Ocean Eyes" on SoundCloud, and it didn't take long for the superstar to become a major power player in the music industry. Since first breaking out, Eilish has completely redefined crossover genres with her hallmark ballads and raw, emotional lyrics, and she's got the accolades behind her to prove it.

The "Therefore I Am" singer has taken home more than half a dozen Grammys, all while garnering a loyal fanbase. But while Eilish may seem super open with her deep, honest lyrics, there are so many more layers to the Sagittarius. If you're curious to know what the cosmos say about Eilish, we've got you covered. POPSUGAR spoke with CUSP astrologer Isaiah Alpheratz, aka The Elysian Aquarius, for the celestial scoop on the singer's birth chart.

The Big Three

Looking at your natal chart, also called your birth chart, is a good way to understand yourself and others on a celestial level. You may recognize your big three, or your sun, moon, and rising signs from astrology apps or your favorite TikTok astrologer. These placements refer to your outward personality, emotional responses, and your social identity.

Sun in Sagittarius

The most understood placement in your natal chart is your sun sign. This indicates your core, or outward personality, traits that you're easily recognized as having. Your sun sign can manifest in your values and what you feel is your most authentic self. Billie Eilish's birthday reveals that she's a Sagittarius sun, and these sun signs are fiery, ambitious, and adventurous. "It's no surprise that Billie took over the music industry so effortlessly," Alpheratz tells POPSUGAR.

Alpheratz adds that Sags are typically bold and imaginative, which you can clearly see in Eilish's music videos. "Creating controversy with the way she presents her body as bruised and bloody in 'Bad Guy,' or feeding an arachnophobe's worst nightmare with her stunt in the 'You Should See Me in a Crown' music video. Billie has been defined as an 'anti-pop' star, providing a darker side to pop that we haven't seen in a long time."

Pisces Rising

How we assert ourselves, specifically in social settings, is often manifested in our ascendant, or rising, signs. Eilish is a Pisces rising, which, according to Alpheratz, might be the most surprising thing in her birth chart. "This is the rarest rising sign there is to have in your birth chart and denotes her elusiveness," Alpheratz explains. Pisces is all about the spiritual and metaphysical — they earned a reputation for being dreamy and always having their head in the clouds. You can see this elusive and supernatural aesthetic represented in Eilish's dark album covers.

"Pisces risings are known to have undeniable magnetism and wisdom beyond what anybody expects, which is clear throughout Billie's actions and music," says Alpheratz. "Bringing art to life, Pisces energy is creative and poetic, and Billie continues to develop her creativity with the help of her brother, Finneas, to provide the world with haunting, immobilizing music that leaves the listener wanting more."

Moon in Aquarius

Our moon placements represent our inner self and symbolize how we process and convey our emotions along with the emotions of others. This is a super private planet, so unless you're tight-knit with someone it might be hard to tell what someone's moon sign is at first. Eilish's moon sign is stationed in the unconventional sign of Aquarius. As a moon sign, this can be a very deep and complicated placement, as Aquarians are cast as the odd one out, leaving them to feel rather alienated from other people. From her clothes to her music, Eilish is a true rebel, one of the most distinguished traits of an Aquarius. The fact that she's been painted as the anti-pop star is a reflection of her Aquarius moon.

You can also see Eilish's Aquarius moon peek out in her very deep, realistic, and existential lyrics. "Billie's lyrics have proven to be older than her years, touching on themes of mental health like depression and anxiety. A big key of her Aquarius Moon are the feelings of loneliness," Alpheratz explains. Being able to write honestly about complicated and nuanced themes shows how forward-thinking she is about directing attention toward real issues surrounding mental health.

"Billie's Moon is also connected to Neptune, which gives the star a highly intuitive perspective and the ability to see through the facade of positivity most pop stars try to emulate. It's not that Billie is actively promoting such topics, just acknowledging that they're real," Alpheratz adds.

Personal Planets

Besides your big three, your birth chart contains other planets that each represent a different section of life. These include your Mercury, Mars, and Venus and refer to your communication style, personal aesthetic, and level of ambition.

Mercury in Capricorn

In astrology, Mercury is all about communication and the mind. Eilish's Mercury sign is stationed in the practical earth sign, Capricorn, and you can see this represented in her songwriting. "This Mercury placement is practical and easily processes the gritty aspects of life, which Billie effortlessly portrays in her music," says Alpheratz. Capricorn is ruled by the no-nonsense, disciplined planet of Saturn, which can explain why the singer's lyrics tend to be quite dark. "Her Mercury placements help us understand the astrology of her voice and sound. As someone commended with a dark lower register and soft falsetto, her voice has an almost classical, soulful quality that croons over her unique production," Alpheratz adds.

Mars in Pisces

Mars represents all things aggression, determination, and passion. Eilish's Mars is orbiting over in the sensitive and deeply intuitive sign of Pisces. These placements can get spooky and magical, as it's ruled by dreamy Neptune. Since this placement can be manifested in our outward aggression and how we express our passion, according to Alpheratz, we can learn a lot about Eilish's presentation and aesthetics through her Mars placement.

"Billie's Mars sign signifies her drive, and in such a position, it shows her commitment to her music and the projects she births for the world to indulge in," says Alpheratz. "Think about Billie's imagery in her videos, where she incorporates sharp aesthetics like needles in 'Bury a Friend' or black blood pouring from her eyes."

Venus in Sagittarius

When it comes to fashion choices and outward aesthetics, Venus is the planet to look to. This placement also represents our relationships, love, and romance. Eilish is a Sagittarius Venus, which is also her sun sign. As a Venus sign, Sagittarians are super adventurous, direct, and not afraid to accept a challenge. "As Venus represents what we attract, it is her aesthetic and approach that receives the biggest attention and criticism from the world around her. Billie seems to own this and takes it in her stride, visibly pushing the boundaries of what her image should be," explains Alpheratz. That makes sense when considering the lyrics for "Not My Responsibility" and "OverHeated" off her album, "Happier Than Ever." Eilish has always been direct and open about the pressure on women and their bodies, and a true Sagittarius is charged up enough to speak out about it.

"Nobody can keep a fiery Venus down, and Billie consistently stuns with her fashion and clothing, whether it's Marilyn-inspired dresses at the 2021 Met Gala or bright neon outfits like her Louis Vuitton ensemble at Spotify's 2020 Best New Artist party," explains Alpheratz.

The "Your Power" singer is honest and authentic and isn't afraid to explore the deep, scary trenches of being human. With all the fire sizzling in Eilish's birth chart, it's no wonder she's captured the public's attention for so long. Her sincere storytelling and strong-willed ambition keep us rooting for her.