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The Coolest Billie Eilish Stickers

We Need These Nightmarishly Cool Billie Eilish Stickers to Cover All the Surfaces

The Coolest Billie Eilish Stickers
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From her bold, comfy fashion sense to her creepily exhilarating performances, Billie Eilish has an artsy vibe that lends itself to striking visuals, which makes for great merch and fan art. Eyelashes (as her followers are called) can express themselves through fun stickers based on the singer's body of work. Whether you're looking for an image of her crying black tears, bleeding from her nose, or staring with pupil-less eyes, you'll find a cool sticker of it to put on your laptop or water bottle. Scouring sites such as Etsy and Redbubble, we found the sickest adhesives based on Eilish's scary lyrics and music videos. Even when the party's over, you'll remember Eilish's iconic moments with these nightmarish stickers, because duh!

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