Jin and V's Astrological Compatibility Shows Why Their Friendship Is Smooth Like Butter

그룹 방탄소년단이 20일 오전 서울 중구 동대문디자인플라자에서 열린 새 앨범 'BE (Deluxe Edition)' 발매 기념 글로벌 기자간담회에서 포토타임을 갖고 있다.

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Have you ever made a friendship that felt like it was written in the stars? Well, after looking at the astrological birth charts of BTS members V and Jin, it's clear their friendship and professional relationship are meant to be. According to celebrity astrologer and author Aliza Kelly, astrology can tell us a lot about a relationship and be especially helpful between two friends. "Through astrology, we can recognize how different people communicate, what different people value, and what different people prioritize," she explained. "That gives us so much insight about the way that relationships — romantic, friendship, and professional — can function and flow together, setting everyone up for success."

The K-pop band has seven members, and each relationship within it is unique. Kim Taehyung, aka V, and Kim Seokjin, aka Jin, are very close — and this isn't surprising when you look at their birth charts. V is a Capricorn, born on Dec. 30, 1995, and Jin is a Sagittarius, born on Dec. 4, 1992. Kelly told POPSUGAR what makes Jin and V's bond so "smooth like butter."

They Have a Strong Capricorn Connection

When turning to astrology for answers about compatibility, it's important to find out how two people show up in each other's charts. Sure, matching placements are nice, but often, our friends have energies throughout their entire charts that reflect back or amplify important aspects of our own. "We can see what links two individuals together, what they bond on, and then we can also see how they can both enhance the other person's chart and provide a wonderful mirror to bounce off of," Kelly told POPSUGAR, explaining the many factors that go into making an astrological match.

The most significant connection between V and Jin, Kelly said, is the interplay of Capricorn in their charts. V has a stellium — three or more planets — in Capricorn, making this Earth sign's energy essential to who he is. V is a Capricorn sun, Mars, Neptune, and Mercury, with the planets falling under his first and second houses, which relate to identity and values. Meanwhile, Jin also has a stellium in Capricorn, with his Venus, Neptune, and Uranus falling in his 10th and 11th houses, relating to legacy and community.

While these placements aren't direct matches — i.e., Capricorn doesn't fall in the same place in their charts — V's Capricorn energy, which is mostly present in how he sees himself and what he values, is found in Jin's connection to the outside world and the legacy he wants to leave. "There is this wonderful compatibility between how V sees himself and what he values, and then Jin amplifies that," Kelly explained. "He takes it to the next level, saying, 'OK, well, this is how you are. These are the potentials for how we can take what we value and what defines our identity and make it something that we can apply to professional pursuits, make it something that many people are going to also be able to enjoy and appreciate.'"

Their Capricorn placements also speak to a creative friendship. V has a conjunction, or planets that are next to each other, in Capricorn. He has Mars, the planet of action; Neptune, the planet of creativity; and Mercury, the planet of communication, all bunched together in his chart. At the same time, Jin's Venus is at 24 degrees in Capricorn, having an "illuminating" impact on V's chart. "So, this is a very creatively fulfilling friendship," Kelly said.

Their Moons Are Both in Aries

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V and Jin do have one critical matchup in their birth charts, and it's their moon in Aries. The moon rules our inner, emotional world, making it a great sign to share with your friend. The pair have an easier time relating to one another, and this placement comes in handy when it's time to cheer each other up.

Aries, the first sign in the zodiac and a fire sign known for its passion, drive, and determination, is also ruled by Mars. Mars is at 22 degrees in Capricorn in V's chart, while in Jin's chart, Mars is at 27 degrees in Cancer. Capricorn and Cancer are opposite each other in the zodiac, adding another layer of stability and connection in V and Jin's astrology. "Cancer and Capricorn are on the same access and are sort of mirroring each other," Kelly explained. "So whenever I have opposites like Cancer and Capricorn, fundamentally where the keywords around these signs are going to be the same or extremely similar, because fundamentally the signs are looking for the same thing." This Mars opposition not only indicates an easy flow of energy between this area of their lives, but because of the Capricorn-Cancer traits, it also indicates the pair make each other feel secure and supported.

Jin Is Experiencing His Saturn Return

Since June 2020, Jin has also been experiencing his Saturn return, a tumultuous time in astrology. Saturn, the planet of responsibility, structure, and discipline, takes about 29.5 years to orbit around the sun, so when Saturn finally returns to the sign it was in when we were born, it puts all these things to the test. "Oftentimes, at this particular age when we're in our late 20s, there are a lot of big changes that happen in terms of the things that we do, the people that we are close to, and the way that we define ourselves," Kelly said. "And this is because we're really growing up and becoming our own person, and anything that was not infrastructurally sound prior to a Saturn return may not be able to carry over to the other side of it."

Jin's and V's slight age difference could be a source of tension and difficulty in their relationship because Jin is experiencing major changes in his life. However, it is also believed that the people who come into our lives before our Saturn return are from our past lives, giving us more insight into V and Jin's friendship. "It would certainly indicate that this is a relationship that's really meaningful and speaks to their journey, speaks to their metamorphosis, and speaks to their ascension in becoming themselves," Kelly said. Goals.