In Unsurprising News, Mariah Carey Just Dominated TikTok's "Fantasy" Challenge

Mariah Carey has rightfully taken command of TikTok's "Fantasy" Challenge! For those who don't know, the "Fantasy" Challenge is when TikTok users post videos of them dancing to Mariah's 1995 hit "Fantasy." On Sunday, Mimi got in on the action (because why wouldn't she?) and shared a video of her grooving to the chart-topper. Rocking a motorcycle jacket with formfitting pants and stiletto boots, she showed off her fierce moves while lip-syncing, "Oh, when you walk by every night / Talking sweet and looking fine / I get kind of hectic inside / Mmm, baby, I'm so into you / Darling, if you only knew / All the things that flow through my mind." Needless to say, she nailed it.

The "In the Mix" songstress often steps up to the plate when it comes to internet challenges. In January, she ended the 10-Year Challenge, posting a side-by-side of the same photo and declaring, "Time is not something I acknowledge." Six months later, she annihilated the Bottle Cap Challenge — which involves removing a bottle cap without using your hands — by letting out a piercing whistle note that sent a bottle lid flying in the air. Can we officially name her the challenge champion now?