Pauline Chalamet Reflects on Being a Poll Worker: "The System Needs to Be Much Easier"

Pauline Chalamet did her part for democracy this Election Day. In a Nov. 8 discussion with The Recount, she revealed that she signed up through an organization called Power the Polls to be a poll worker in California. "I do believe that as fragile and, in many ways, broken as our democracy is, we're so lucky to be in a place where we can show up and vote," she said.

Chalamet added that her dad was a journalist and worked for the United Nations, so "awareness and using your voice and justice" were always important to her growing up. "It was always normal to exercise your civic duty," she said, adding that her passion for politics has grown in recent years, particularly with the rise of more relatable candidates like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cori Bush. She also said she would consider running for office herself. "I'm really into this," she said. "I would love to be on a school board. I would love any sort of elected position . . . I'm not trying to run for president. But I'd love to be in something where you're forced to dialogue and understand and speak for many different people. I think that is such an important role."

She also said she feels that America doesn't do a good job of equipping people with the tools to participate in politics. "There's too much," she added. "There need to be fewer elections, and the system needs to be much easier."

Results are still rolling in for the 2022 midterms, which are critically important — the races will determine which party will control the House and the Senate, and critical issues like abortion rights, inflation, crime, and climate change are being highlighted in campaigns.

From former and current presidents to actors and musicians, many stars have been steadily exercising their civic duty over the past few weeks. Barack and Michelle Obama were seen voting early on Oct. 17 in Chicago, while President Joe Biden went to the polls with his granddaughter Natalie Biden, a first-time voter, on Oct. 29. Famous folks like Kumail Nanjiani, Julianne Moore, Gina Torres, and Selena Gomez proudly showed off their "I Voted" stickers, encouraging their followers to do the same, while Kerry Washington shared a silly video of her dancing around the box where she dropped off her ballot.

Keep reading to see which celebrities voted in the midterms. And if you are an eligible voter, regardless of what you did this election, make sure you're registered so you can vote in the next one.

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Barack and Michelle Obama
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Barack and Michelle Obama

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Joe and Natalie Biden

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