Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Traded Banana Bread For Lettuce Using Their Kids' Toy Car

Chrissy Teigen is willing to go to major lengths for romaine lettuce. Yes, really. It's no secret that the Cravings author loves cooking, and she recently reached out to her wide Twitter audience for help snagging an ingredient earlier this week. Chrissy is a benevolent chef, and promised banana bread in return. A more than fair trade, in my humble opinion.

Chrissy ended up connecting with YouTuber Chris Klemens who happened to have a pack of Trader Joe's brand lettuce at home — date and time, approved. They bartered for the bread (which John Legend ended up eating half of) and made a social-distance-approved exchange in a church parking lot, thanks to Luna and Miles's toy car. They even brought a tape measure to ensure a six foot distance at all times! Now Chrissy is three romaine lettuce heads richer, and Chris has his own banana bundt loaf, plus some of John's LVE wine, homemade pie, and vegan to-go dinner. Thankfully, both Chris and Chrissy documented the whole journey for followers at home. Keep reading to enjoy their moment-by-moment updates from the Banana Bread Saga of 2020.

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Watch the Exchange From Chris's Point of View on YouTube