Christopher Meloni Reveals He Went Clubbing With His Family: "My Daughter Was the Instigator"

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The family that go clubbing together, stay together . . . at least in the Meloni household. During a Jan. 30 appearance on "Late Night With Seth Meyers," Christopher Meloni revealed he and his wife, Sherman Williams, went clubbing with their kids, 21-year-old Sophia and 19-year-old Dante, in honor of his wife's birthday. However, the outing wasn't his idea.

"My daughter was the instigator," he told Meyers. "She's got her finger on the pulse, and I pretend that I have the same finger." Meloni went on to reveal that when he entered the club, the woman at the door gave him praise hands, which he reciprocated with a bow. "And I entered. And I partied. And I danced," the 61-year-old "Law & Order: Organized Crime" actor said as the crowd cheered.

Meloni previously shared photos from his unconventional family outing on Instagram. On Jan. 22, he posted a carousel of photos from Williams's 63rd birthday celebration that showcased his wife's high heels, his daughter's singing skills, and just how high he can lift Williams off the ground. "So . . . this happened," he captioned the post. "My gurl. Ageless. Timeless. Steppin' out with the young-uns to show em how it's done."

But it was Sophia who really captured the magic of the night. She shared a series of photos from her family's chaotic night out alongside an eloquent caption that paid tribute to her mom's stamina. "There is no better way to understand why it is the way that it is than by accepting that it all ends, again, on the club floor in the irreconcilable place between Brilliant Mistake and impeccably cast Fever Dream with Dante ablaze with the boogie in Mom's silk blouse," she wrote on Instagram. "We wear a cool comfort with the absurd as our family crest.

"The lights come up and we spin out. The disco blares as a rallying cry to make Mom's birthday a national holiday overtakes the crowd.

"Cozied up in my new bed on the bathroom floor, cheek to toilet bowl, I pray the rosary that when puberty gives me grace and tequila tolerance, I'll grow up to be just like Mom."

Clearly, the Meloni family are just cooler than everyone else. Check out photos from the family's night out below.