15 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Superstar Triple Threat Dove Cameron

Whether you know her from her onscreen roles or her live stage performances, you've likely been exposed to Dove Cameron in some form or another. From starring in Liv and Maddy and The Descendants on the Disney Channel, to taking on the leading role of Cher Horowitz in the off-Broadway production of Clueless: The Musical, the superstar triple threat is a force to be reckoned with and one for audiences to keep their eye on. Dove has always been an open book and honest with her fans, even recently giving fans insight into the release of her very own solo music, but there are some things you may not know about the blond beauty. From what her birth name was to what her go-to Starbucks order is, look ahead for 15 fun facts about Dove.

She Enjoys a Wide Variety of Music

Dove has shared that 80 percent of what she listens to in her car is hard rap and punk while the other 20 percent is musical theater.

Her Birth Name Is Different From the Name She Uses Now

Her birth name is Chloe Celeste Hosterman but she changed her name to Dove around the time her career began and explained that the decision to legally change her name was to honor her late father who nicknamed her Dove/Dovey.

She Speaks Fluent French

Dove is French, speaks the language and spent a lot of her time as a young girl in France. "I went to Paris a lot growing up because, by blood, we're crazy French, and my parents wanted their kids to have two feet in their culture," she told Entertainment Weekly.

She Has a Scar On Her Upper Lip

Dove has a scar on her upper lip that she got at 4 years old from when her first dog bit her when she tried to take her bone.

She Has a Bunch of Tattoos

Dove has a collection of tattoos all over her body ranging from a tiny sun on her ring finger to a French phrase on her ankle that she has matching with her mom and sister.

She Has a Go-To Starbucks Order

Dove loves herself a nice venti iced coffee that is light on the ice and mixed with soy milk.

She Almost Got Hailee Steinfeld's Role in True Grit

Though she had no training or even a headshot, Dove was almost cast in the 2010 drama True Grit. She shared with Zimbio, "It ended up coming down to Hailee, who got the role, one other girl, and me."

She Is Originally From Seattle

Dove grew up on Bainbridge Island, which is just a short ferry ride away from downtown Seattle and moved to Los Angeles with her mother when she was 14.

She Was Bullied When She Was Younger

Speaking to Yahoo! Parenting, Dove revealed that she was bullied at a young age, with girls even telling her to kill herself at one point. "It started in middle school. Once a group of girls locked me in the janitor's closet. Another time a girl spilled chocolate milk down a dress I made. Girls would try to trip me in the hallway. Once in high school, on a field trip away from school, some girls brought razors to shave their legs and threw them at me and told me to kill myself."

She Loves Airports

Despite how often she travels, Dove loves airports. She has described them as "homey" with "killer people-watching opportunities."

She Used to Be in a Band Called The Girl and the Dreamcatcher

The other half of the duo was her Liv and Maddie costar Ryan McCartan, and when the two split, so did the band. They did release an EP, Negatives, before breaking up, which can be found on both Spotify and YouTube.

She's a Huge Doctor Who Fan

Dove shared with RadioTimes.com, "I am a big Doctor Who fan. I am one Doctor Who mug away from being captain of the Doctor Who fans."

She Has an Interesting Haircare Secret

Ready for Dove's hair care secret? She puts olive oil in her hair overnight and then washes it out in the morning.

Her Parents Were Both Artists

Her mother is a poet and novelist and her late father was a pianist and cook. She describes both as having "colored my personality and brain in ways I'm still discovering."