We Can't Get Enough of Drew Barrymore's Energy in This Viral Rain Video

When it rains, it pours, and Drew Barrymore is enjoying every second of it. In a now-viral video, Barrymore is seen laughing in the midst of what appears to be a torrential downpour, happily tearing her rain-soaked glasses off her face as she exclaims, "Whenever you can go out into the rain, do not miss the opportunity!" While at first glance, some viewers might be mystified as to why a celebrity like Barrymore appears so delighted by a storm that would send most others running for cover, her pure enthusiasm quickly fascinated the masses.

"I want to love anything as much as Drew Barrymore loves everything. Perfection," one Twitter user wrote. Others surmised that this kind of sweet, free-spirited energy may be Barrymore's way of healing her inner child, given her difficult background growing up as a child star. In fact, "Watching her heal her inner child makes me so happy," is the top comment on her TikTok video, with over 210k likes.

This is not the first time Barrymore has shared her unadulterated passion for life with the world. In another recent TikTok, she posted her emotional reaction to uncovering a window during a home renovation. "I knew there was a window here, I knew it!" she cried as she pushed through the dry wall concealing the hidden treasure. "It's like something can be so covered up and dark. You can pry it open and create light," she shared. Whether it be a rainy day or a mere window in your basement, Barrymore's appreciation for the simple things in life is an important reminder that there is beauty in even the most everyday things. Take this as your sign to express your gratitude, cry over a window, and always dance in the rain!