Dua Lipa Might Not Be Able to Vote in the US, but She's Not Staying Out of Politics

Dua Lipa may not be able to vote in the upcoming election, but she certainly understands just how crucial it is to do so, if you're eligible. On Thursday, the British singer sat down with Sen. Bernie Sanders for an inspiring conversation addressed to young voters on Instagram, and discussed why you must vote (as if you needed another reason), how other countries like the UK are affected by leadership decisions in the US, and the need for universal healthcare.

As a British person, Dua shared that she often gets told to "stay out of [US] politics," but she knows this upcoming election doesn't just affect America. "I think it's really important that we learn about each other's country's politics because that's how we understand the way the world works and learn how to function as a society," she said to the senator. "I just can't stress enough the importance of voting, and getting the young people engaged and getting them out to vote."

"It is enormously important for the US and the rest of the world that Donald Trump is not reelected."

The senator agreed, emphasizing that even if you're young, it's your first time voting, and you feel a little intimidated, this election is "too important not to participate" in. "It is enormously important for the US and the rest of the world that Donald Trump is not reelected," Bernie said. He also went on to explain that because many state governments are "working overtime to suppress voters," it is all the more important to make sure your voice is heard.

"More than any other group of people, this election is vitally important to you," he said to young voters. "It will determine whether you're going to have a decent job and decent income, whether you're going to have healthcare, whether we're going to be able to grapple with a crisis of climate change, whether we deal with racism or police reform, and all of the other issues that are so important to young people. This is an election you just cannot afford to sit out." If you weren't already planning on casting your ballot, allow Bernie's words to demonstrate just how critical this election is.