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Who Is PinkPantheress? Facts About the Young TikTok Star

Who Is PinkPantheress? Here's What You Need to Know About the Rising Music Star

Who Is PinkPantheress? Facts About the Young TikTok Star
Image Source: Jesse Crankson

PinkPantheress is a name that's on everyone's lips at the moment, and it's for two reasons. One, she's an incredibly talented musician and singer-songwriter, and two, she's incredibly mysterious. Aside from the fact that she went viral on TikTok and is from Bath, there's little information out there about the young star β€” and she likes to keep it that way.

Speaking to BBC after topping BBC Radio 1's Sound of 2022 list, PinkPantheress said, "I find it easier to not lay every single card on the table, I like my privacy and I felt like, if I have my music out and my face everywhere, it would start getting too much for people."

That said, there are a few facts about the artist that we do know that we're willing to share with you. For example, how she came up with her unique username for TikTok, why she doesn't like people to know her real name, and where her inspiration comes from (spoiler alert: Jacqueline Wilson is involved).

Read on to find out all there is to know about PinkPantheress and all she wants us to know β€” for now . . .

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