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Hailee Steinfeld on Setting Up Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Hailee Steinfeld on Setting Up Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas: "I'll Take Credit For That, Sure"

Hailee Steinfeld doesn't consider herself responsible for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's romance, but she'll definitely take the credit for it if you let her. The "Afterlife" singer and longtime friend of Sophie and Joe appeared on The Tonight Show on Wednesday, where she cleared the air about allegedly setting up the couple three years ago.

"No! Are they saying that?" she said to Jimmy Fallon. "I will totally take credit for that if they are saying it." While Hailee wasn't actually the one who introduced them, she does recall putting in a good word for Joe when Sophie asked her for a little intel.

"I definitely got the, like, 'Tell me about Joe Jonas' call," she said. "Sophie and I have been friends for years. She's one of my favorite humans. And Joe, same. Joe and I worked together a couple years ago, and he is also a wonderful person, and it worked! So, I'll take credit for that, sure."

Sophie and Joe were first linked in November 2016, when a photo of them cozying up with each other at an award show made its way around social media. In a cover story for the May issue of Harper's Bazaar, the Game of Thrones actress admitted that their relationship all started with a DM — and that's likely what led to her reaching out to Hailee to get the singer's seal of approval.

"She knew that I knew him and sort of asked for my opinion," Hailee said. "I gave her the truth. I won't say everything I said to her. But no, I gave her my stamp of approval, and now they're married." Hear all of Hailee's comments in the video above.

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