Halle Bailey and DDG's Romance Started With Music — See Their Relationship Timeline

Halle Bailey and DDG's romance is still the talk of the internet. The pair have been dating for over a year now, and though they try to keep their relationship low-key, curious fans can't help but inquire about it. Bailey shared an update on their romance in her September 2023 cover story with Cosmopolitan, telling the outlet it's her "first deep, deep, real love."

Back in May, ahead of the debut of her movie "The Little Mermaid," Bailey offered a smile and laugh when People asked if her rapper beau has the makings of a prince, like the fictional one she falls for in the Disney film. "People love to talk about this," she told the outlet, adding, "Yeah. I would say that."

This doesn't mean the couple's relationship has been without obstacles, though. On July 13, DDG released his track "Famous," in which he seemingly admits to feeling "insecure" about being in a relationship with a famous star, though he doesn't name-drop Bailey. The song, of course, still got a lot of backlash from "The Little Mermaid" actor's fans, though DDG later shut down claims that it was aimed at his girlfriend.

Despite rumors of a breakup between Bailey, 23, and DDG, 26 (real name Darryl Granberry Jr.), the actor seems pleased with the state of her love life. "I think the best thing about young love is that you're able to continue to find yourself through this journey of loving somebody else," Bailey added in her People interview, published on May 17. "And you're discovering new parts of yourself and maybe things that you didn't notice before about your heart."

Bailey and DDG's relationship understandably bubbled up amid buzz around "The Little Mermaid." Though fans noticed the two didn't pose for any photos together at the Los Angeles premiere of Bailey's film on May 8, the two have still been each other's red carpet companion. The pair posed together at Vanity Fair's Oscars afterparty on March 12, and prior to that, they were photographed at premiere events for "Avatar: The Way of Water" in December and "Creed III" in February. In September, the two attended Milan Fashion Week together.

The couple's 2023 public outings come after Bailey spoke about their romance in her September/October 2022 cover story with Essence, in which she shared details about how the pair first got acquainted, revealing that music brought them together. "I grew up being on YouTube and would always see the young Black creators and was constantly inspired by them. He was one of them," Bailey said. She added that she first noticed DDG online in 2015, then forgot about him until he released new music. "I saw that he was dropping music, and I really gravitated toward this one song. Coincidentally he messaged me — and the rest is history."

Bailey and DDG made their glamorous red carpet debut at the 2022 BET Awards, but the pair have been dating for quite some time. Romance rumors first began swirling when they were spotted together at an Usher concert in January 2022. Two months later, on March 27 (Bailey's birthday), they went Instagram official.

Since then, the couple have only had good things to say about each other. "She honestly motivated me to be better and work harder and get to certain levels," DDG said of his girlfriend in a July 2022 interview with DJ Akademiks. Sitting down with "The Breakfast Club" in November 2022, he said of Bailey, "I've never been with nobody that's, like, really motivated me like she do."

From posting cute snaps of each other on social media to Bailey giving DDG singing lessons on TikTok, read more about the couple's relationship timeline ahead.

January 2022: Halle Bailey and DDG Spotted Together at an Usher Concert
Getty | Jeff Kravitz

January 2022: Halle Bailey and DDG Spotted Together at an Usher Concert

On Jan. 1, 2022, a video of Bailey and DDG sitting together at Usher's Las Vegas residency began to circulate, sparking dating rumors. Later, Usher posted some photos of himself and the pair on his Instagram Story.

March 2022: Halle Bailey and DDG Go Instagram Official
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March 2022: Halle Bailey and DDG Go Instagram Official

On March 27, 2022, DDG posted a collage of photos and a video of himself and Bailey on Instagram in a since-deleted post. He added the romantic caption, "Happy Birthday to the beautifulest, the flyest, the sweetest ❤️ love you forever 🥺💎."


June 2022: Halle Bailey Gives DDG Singing Lessons

On June 3, 2022, Bailey posted a video of herself helping DDG out with some singing practice on TikTok, and he seemed happy with his progress. "I low-key snapped," DDG responded in the comments.

June 2022: Halle Bailey and DDG Make Their Red Carpet Debut
Getty | Momodu Mansaray

June 2022: Halle Bailey and DDG Make Their Red Carpet Debut

On June 26, 2022, the pair made their red carpet debut at the BET Awards. "I have my boo with me today," Bailey told a reporter from Extra on the red carpet before DDG joined her. She also admitted to being "nervous" about their red carpet debut, namely about what to wear — but their outfits definitely made the cut.

July 2022: DDG Says Halle Bailey Inspires Him
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July 2022: DDG Says Halle Bailey Inspires Him

In a July 5 interview with DJ Akademiks, DDG opened up about his love for his girlfriend. "I honestly get inspired by my girl," he said. "She honestly motivated me to be better and work harder and get to certain levels. I look up to her in a sense 'cause it's, like, I never been around nobody that really . . . 'cause I feel like I'm always the motivator, I'm the inspirer."

But with Bailey, he said, "It's like I'm in a different mode now where I'm getting inspired by somebody. I feel like it's healthy in that way for me 'cause it's like a weight off my shoulders. It's like, 'OK, I need to work harder.' It's challenging in a good way. It just makes me want to go harder versus feeling overwhelmed or some sh*t."

August 2022: Halle Bailey Says She's "For Sure" in Love With DDG
Getty | Matt Winkelmeyer

August 2022: Halle Bailey Says She's "For Sure" in Love With DDG

In her September/October cover story with Essence, Bailey opened up about her budding romance with DDG and said, "I've been a fan of his for years," in reference to his YouTube fame. She added that she first noticed him in 2015 before they later sparked a romantic connection. When asked if she's in love with the rapper, Bailey told the outlet, "Yes. For sure I am."

April 2023: Halle Bailey Calls Her Relationship With DDG "Deeply Sacred"
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April 2023: Halle Bailey Calls Her Relationship With DDG "Deeply Sacred"

Bailey once again opened up about her romance with DDG in her May 2023 cover story with British Vogue, published on April 24, where she noted, "Experiencing deep love for the first time in my life is something I feel has opened a whole new world for me creatively." She continued, "What it feels like to love someone other than your family, like somebody you may not have known two years ago but now they're the center of your world. I like all of the scary feelings that come with that. I like the suspense, the not knowing what's going to happen, and I feel like that's what I'm supposed to be going through in womanhood."

After calling the couple's relationship "deeply sacred," Bailey also shared that she wished their romance wasn't so publicized. "There's a lot of eyes on me now, especially with what's to come. And sometimes I wish I didn't have so many eyes on me, especially experiencing something like this for the first time."

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July 2023: DDG Seemingly Admits to Feeling "Insecure" About Halle Bailey Relationship in "Famous"

In "Famous," released on July 13, DDG seemingly raps about feeling "insecure" about Bailey's newfound fame and interactions with her male costar in "The Little Mermaid." He sings, "Filmin' a movie now you kissing dudes / You know I love you a lot / I don't give a f*ck if that sh*t for promo / I don't wanna see this sh*t no more." In another part of the song, he raps: "Why is y'all holdin' hands in the photo? / You know I'm insecure, that's a no-no."

And in the chorus, DDG sings: "Fall in love, I hate that sh*t / Knockin' me off my grind, I can't f*ck with relationships / I ain't even got enough time in a day for me to chase a b*tch / I don't even ask for much, I ask you to do the basic sh*t / Hardest thing I did was fall in love with a famous b*tch."

Naturally, the song drew criticism from Bailey's fans, who believe DDG is singing about their relationship. However, DDG responded to the backlash in a video shared by The Shade Room, saying, "I want y'all to know, listen, 'Famous' is just a song, okay? It's just music y'all. Just how movies is just movies, songs is just songs."

He continued, "Y'all gotta relax and worry about y'all own stuff, and it's all entertainment. It's the entertainment business. Relax, calm down, chill out. You know it is what it is. I'm used to getting hated on."

September 2023: Halle Bailey and DDG Step Out Together For Milan Fashion Week
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September 2023: Halle Bailey and DDG Step Out Together For Milan Fashion Week

The couple made several joint appearances together during Milan Fashion Week in late September, including at shows for Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. That same month, the two were photographed at a listening party for Diddy's "The Love Album" in New York City, showing some slight PDA.