My Cheeks Hurt From Smiling at Harry Styles Adorably Answering Ellen's "Burning Questions"

Harry Styles jumped in the hot seat for a round of "Burning Questions" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and my gosh, this man practically oozes charm! The "Watermelon Sugar" singer fielded Ellen's rapid-fire inquiries about everything from his first celebrity crush (Jennifer Aniston, of course) to his current relationship status (He's single!), all while radiating the most swoon-worthy charisma.

Ellen kicked things off with the classic "Boxers of briefs?" query, to which Harry adorably replied, "What shape is a brief?" When Ellen asked about his three favorite body parts on a woman, the star slowly and deliberately responded, "Eyes, smile, and character," which garnered quite the approving response from the audience. Watch the playful interrogation unfold above to hear Harry admit his hilarious guilty pleasure, and then please enjoy the hidden-camera prank he and Ellen pulled on a previously aired episode.