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Pictures of Harry Styles's Tattoos

Your Guide to All of Harry Styles's Ink — Including His Touching Tributes to His Family

Pictures of Harry Styles's Tattoos
Image Source: CBS

OK, real question: do we think Harry Styles knows how many tattoos he has? I know he has north of 50 at this point, maybe even north of 60 by now. I have, like, 15 (I think), and I can never remember how many I have, so I just wonder if someone who has countless scribbles all over his skin can actually remember how many of them there are. The "Sign of the Times" singer has been known to tattoo a little of everything on his body — we're talking giant bugs all the way to the other side of the spectrum with sweet tributes to his family. In the gallery ahead, I listed out some of my absolute favorites, along with some of the more prominent ones and ones I feel like the world should know about. It's definitely not all of them, because I probably don't even know all of them — the man probably has some secrets, after all. I did make a mention of a vast majority of them, though. Come along with me on this journey.

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